Get More Time and Energy in your Life and Business

Reduce the overwhelm & 'live more'

How much time do you get to do the stuff you want to do?...

As a business owner or leader, how much time do you get to do the stuff that you want to do ('to Live More' as I call it) rather than the stuff that you feel you should do or have to do?

Do you feel that you're not having enough fun every day or that life would be better and you'd be happier if you felt organised and less overwhelmed?

Do you have a constant feeling of overwhelm?

Do you feel out of control, like you never get done what you want and need to do and that you don't spend enough time enjoying yourself and having fun either? A lose lose situation.

And life's too short, isn't it, to spend most of it feeling like you're not doing the right stuff and that you're spending too much time on the less important, seemingly more urgent, stuff and still not feeling successful or organised or on top of things.

Some people spend their whole lives working on finding some time for themselves and, often, it never happens or at least not enough, or it's too late.

Complexity and disorganisation in your life and work can lead to you being ineffective and feeling overwhelmed

jo dodds

Starting my first business in 2005, I had no idea just how little time I would be left with to enjoy the family life that had prompted the change to self employment in the first place!

At one stage publishing 8 local magazines, I was used to working every hour that was available, regularly pulling all nighters at print deadline time, and generally missing out on family life. In 2000, I even had a scary episode in the middle of the night that turned out to have been a seizure.

Then, in 2012 within 2 days of being diagnosed, my Mum died of cancer, a few months previously my now late father in law had been diagnosed with cancer and a few months later my Mum's partner also died.

So, I had a bit of a wake up call and decided that I needed to change the way that I lived my life and ran my business to enable me to 'live more', in my words - to do more of the things that I want to do because (cue cliché!) 'life's too short' and 'you have to enjoy the journey and not just focus on the destination'.

I didn't want the rest of my life to be characterised by the following:

'Always on' Digital World

Overflowing Inbox & InTray

Missing Out on 'Moments'

So, I kicked off a journey of discovery to work out how I could change my business and life to enable me to do more of what I wanted to do, as I call it - to 'live more'.

It wasn't an overnight change, impatient as I can be! 

Gradually I worked out how to simplify my work and personal life. I set out systemising and automating what I could, involving other people in my quest and looking after my health. I started singing! I made time to read more (the thing I love to do most!). And then I added in routines, rituals and habits to keep it all happening. I shifted into doing more corporate work and started to work out how I could use everything I've learnt to help other people struggling with similar life and work challenges.

It's taken 5 years so far - what a journey! I am now very clear about the steps needed to create more time and energy to live more and I love to work with clients on their productivity, organisation, wellbeing, energy and resilience to enable them to do their own version of 'living more'. And the best bit is that I feel I've finally identified my purpose - phew!

How do you avoid the overwhelm and get stuff done without creating more!

One of the things that I see often in the productivity space is programmes that seem to create more overwhelm in the journey to get to better productivity. They can often focus on how to get more done. I prefer how to get less done...with the 'more' bit being about doing more of what you want to do.

So, focusing on making space for more fun, more good stuff and more life.

What does your life look like at the moment?

  • Are you overwhelmed and feeling like you never have a minute to yourself?
  •  Do you seem to spend all your time firefighting in your work and life?
  •  Do you feel disorganised, unhealthy and stressed?
  • Are you looking for a way to get more organised and productive in your life and work?
  • Do you want to focus on the right stuff, prioritise and get stuff done?
  • Do you want to 'live more' and be happy?

Imagine If You Could Reduce your Overwhelm, Get Organised and Give Yourself the Time and Energy to 'Live More'

I help business owners and leaders to improve their Productivity, Organisation, Wellbeing, Energy and Resilience (their 'POWER') so they can 'Live More'. I do that by taking people through my 5 Fundamentals, which are:

  • Simplify - what you will and won't do and aligning your activity to that
  • Systemise - creating processes, systems and automation to get stuff done with ease
  • Share - getting others involved, delegating and outsourcing to ensure you're doing only what's your thing
  • Self Care - looking after your nutrition, sleep, movement and mindfulness for optimum 'performance'
  • Sustain - creating routines, habits and rituals to keep doing those things that move you forward

As you can imagine, working on these areas is different for everyone. It's not a 'one size fits all' and often I learn as much from my clients as they do from me! That prompted me to think about a new way of helping people to get to the state of 'living more' to really encompass different perspectives, views and experiences.

So, if you want your life to be very different in 6 months' time, doing stuff you can only dream about now, read on...

people meeting

Ongoing, Practical Learning, Support and Accountability.

I'm so excited to introduce you to my POWER to Live More Mastermind

A Mastermind Group is where a group of people get together on a regular basis to talk about and brainstorm solutions to challenges using the concept of 'a number of heads being better than one', using the collective wisdom of the group.

So, imagine if you were able to get to know a small group of people really well (max. 6), in a mastermind group, and were able to share issues, challenges and solutions together to make the fundamental changes that you need to make in your life and work to enable you to live more. How would that work for you? 

You may have already been in a mastermind group with varying success. Over the years I have been involved in a number of masterminds and I've come to the conclusion that there are three characteristics of mastermind groups that are essential to make them work effectively, creating the magic that is so possible.

  • Leadership - ensuring the group works and runs well to achieve its potential for all
  • Agenda - having, and sticking to, a structure to ensure the sessions are most effective
  • Showing Up - engaging everyone and ensuring value, results and forward movement

When putting together this programme, I knew the value of masterminding this sort of behaviour change, given how individual our challenges are.  But I know that this only works if the above three elements are right.

How I Will H​elp You...

Over a period of 6 months, I will work with you and 5 other people to move you through the 5 Fundamentals to get really clear about how you want to live your life so that you too have the time and energy to join me in 'living more'.

As well as ensuring the three elements of masterminding are in place, there is a big emphasis on group accountability. Again, when I've been involved in other people's programmes, I've often done a bit of 'shelf learning', ie bought into something, got the training, completed it or not(!) and then done nothing with it.

I don't want this for my programme - of course not! I'm one of those coaches who needs my clients to get results...otherwise what's the point? So, I've built in a massive element of accountability, to encourage and ensure that you take the action that you commit to...otherwise, I'll say it again, what's the point?!

So, the POWER to Live More Mastermind is a group of max. 6 people working together over 6 months in a structured, supportive way with learning input from me too - working on your personal and work life to enable you to 'live more'.

How Does It Work?

We work through my 5 fundamentals for life and work so by the end of the six months you are productive, organised, well and 'living more'.

At every stage, as well as learning from the experience and wisdom of your mastermind group, I will share learning, resources and ideas with you, tailored to your needs. We kick off the whole programme with a 121 call to ensure that the whole six months is set up to work for you as well as the other members of the group.

This isn’t a generic programme for you to fit into. One of the areas of my work that really motivates me is the opportunity for flexibility and individualisation (in fact the latter is one of my key strengths in the Gallup Strengths Finder), tailoring what I do to ensure you get the specific learning and support that you want.

Once we are clear about your specific needs for the programme, in the first action cycle we kick off by getting clear about what you want to do and what you don't want to do in your life and work.

Then we simplify your life by reorganising your activity accordingly. You learn how to say no to what you don't want to do to make room for more of the stuff that only you can do and for what you do want to do.

Once you're clear on what you want to be doing and have started clearing the decks to achieve that, the next step in action cycle 2 is to streamline and systemise what you do and consider automation where you can. You do this with my full support and that of your mastermind group.

This isn’t one of those programmes where you get a load of theoretical ideas and are left to implement on your own (that’s often where it stops isn’t it!).I not only share ideas, tips and strategies with you, you get training, how tos and other resources to enable you to move forwards. Then you can be sure that you are being most efficient and effective, completing tasks with ease freeing up time for you to do more of what you want to do!

This also means that you can share more of what you need to get done whether that be with family and friends at home or with your team (internal or outsourced) in your work. We work on identifying what you can ‘share’ and how you can best ‘share’ and with whom.

Essential to getting this right is ensuring that you look after your wellbeing through self care, making sure that you get enough sleep, that you're eating the right foods and moving regularly as well as taking time to mindfully experience and appreciate your life.

The last fundamental in action cycle 5 is about how you sustain all this good stuff. How you create habits, routines and rituals to allow you to effortlessly maintain the momentum that you've created here be productive, organised and well so you live more. 

And we finish the whole programme with a 121 call to consolidate all your learning and action taking and to set you up moving forwards.

What Do I Get?

  • 2 x 1 Hour 121 Calls with Me - to top and tail the programme for you to ensure we are 'hitting the spot' right from the beginning and to make sure we've exceeded your expectations by the end!
  • Kick Off Face to Face Mastermind Session - at a hotel central to the group to really get relationships developing from day one. We meet for dinner the evening before and then mastermind the next day
  • 6 x Online Mastermind Days - every four weeks we meet online (with plenty of breaks built in!) to check in, brainstorm, plan, challenge, support and create accountability
  • Online Accountability Tool - we can all check in with each other on a daily basis, keeping ourselves and each other accountable throughout each four week period
  • Slack Group - a online place to chat, share and support each other without being distracted by other conversations that we may be having on the various social media platforms
  • Membership Site - access to content created specifically to help you to implement the 5 fundamentals as well as other useful content to draw on in those moments when you need it.
  • 121 Hotline Calls with Me - for those moments when you get a bit overwhelmed or can't quite remember what you want to be doing and the slack group and accountability tool just isn't enough!

Special Offer: If you join the Mastermind before the end of 14 January 2018, you get an additional 6 x 1 hour 121 calls with me where we can work specifically on your stuff and I can help you to action whatever you want to do!

What's My Investment?

For all of the above mastermind meetings, calls, support, digital tools and accommodation at the face to face meeting the investment, payable in full, is:


There are payment plans available

Personal Coaching

Get regular online coaching from me (as well as from the group) Research shows the importance of having a coach to help you to unlock your potential to maximise your performance.

Peer Support

Interact with other group members to get their support as well as to encourage them. Build relationships with people who really understand your challenges and cheer you on all the way.


Small daily actions are key. With this programme you are kept accountable to consistently take action on a daily basis to get your stuff done and cumulatively take massive action!


I know this is likely to be a big investment for you in terms of money and time and you need to have peace of mind that it will work for you. It's no good adding more overwhelm to your life! And what happens if you don't like the other mastermind group members?

My guarantee to you is that if, after our set up call and the 24 hour face to face kick off event, you don't feel that this mastermind group will work for you - for whatever reason - I  you will refund your payment(s) in full with no issue whatsoever.

 Wendy Kier 

 Virtual Speaking Academy 


Jo is always ready with a helpful resource suggestion and has a wealth of knowledge around productivity, systems and getting stuff done with ease! She has masses of enthusiasm, a positive outlook and really creates confidence in her clients with her supportive and generous nature.


Arthur Partridge



Jo helped to me gain clarity and certainly got me thinking about many more opportunities for my business than I had conceived.
She clearly understands what is important and has that excellent skill of asking the right question at the right time and in the right way and she backs that up with thorough experience and knowledge!

penny pullan

Penny Pullan​​​​

Making Projects Work


Jo has really helped me to gain the clarity I need to move ahead with my business in the year ahead.


This sounds like a big commitment. How much time will this take up?

How do I know that it will work for me and help me to 'live more'?

Do I have to take action on this every day? What happens if I don't?

jo dodds
jo dodds

PS: If you're unsure whether a group mastermind is for you but you want this sort of transformation, ie to reduce your overwhelm, get more organised and effective, with more time and energy to enable you to 'live more', then why not book in a chat with me anyway. We can find a way!


I know this is likely to be a big investment for you in terms of money and time and you need to have peace of mind that it will work for you. It's no good adding more overwhelm to your life! And what happens if you don't like the other mastermind group members?

My guarantee to you is that if, after our set up call and the 24 hour face to face kick off event, you don't feel that this mastermind group will work for you - for whatever reason -I  you will refund your payment(s) in full with no issue whatsoever.