Jordan Wavra on Show #120: How to Pursue a Holistic Life Through Mindfulness

jordan wavra

A wife, mum, and adventure-lover, Jordan Wavra is a holistic and mindfulness coach who works with women to help them live healthy and vigorous lives. Going through health struggles as a young woman, Jordan decided to pursue a holistic lifestyle – the very thing that ignited her fascination for the mind-body-soul transformation. Jordan and her family are currently living […]

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1 8 Tips for Balancing Self-Care and Success

In another guest post Harper, after spending countless hours writing articles for numerous blogs and sites, tries to get creative with her self-care habits – from meditating and taking long bubble baths to gardening. In this day and age, it’s easy to get lost in your work. When feeling busy or overwhelmed, it is difficult to think about and prioritise yourself. Self-care is often overlooked, however, it is […]

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Graham Allcott on Show #117: How to be a Productivity Ninja

graham allot

Graham Allcott is the founder of Think Productive, a multinational provider of personal productivity training. He is the author of the global bestseller How to be a Productivity Ninja and co-authored his latest book Work Fuel: The Productivity Ninja Guide to Nutrition. He is on a mission to revolutionise how time management courses are delivered and has earned rave reviews for his […]

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