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Useful Apps and Resources Part 2

useful apps

Each week in my newsletter and on my podcast I share useful tools, apps and resources to help you to improve your productivity, organisation, wellbeing, energy and resilience (your POWER) to enable you to ‘Live More’ (get to do more of what you want). Here are a selection from last year. Slack Have you come […]

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8 Top Tips to Avoid Time Management Mistakes

time management mistakes

In the next in a series of guest blogs, tell us how to avoid time management mistakes Time management is a vital skill for all professionals to have, whether you’re in an entry-level position, a business owner or a board director. It’s easy for us to be distracted from our daily to-do list and […]

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How to Set Up a Gravatar

set up your gravatar

If you have a gravatar set up and connected to the email address that you are using to comment on a site, blog or forum, then your photo (or the image that you have set up on the Gravatar website) shows automatically, which saves you from having to upload your profile photo any time you register on a site, that uses Gravatars, with your email address.

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