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TED Talk: The Art of Asking

the art of asking

I went to the theatre last night to see an event put on by the New Statesman with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. They edited this week’s edition of the New Statesman and entitled it ‘Saying the Unsayable’. The evening was a ‘celebration’ of the edition with music, poetry, discussion and readings.
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1 Read to Stay Motivated to Make the Changes you Want to See

read to stay motivated

I’ve already talked on this blog about how much reading I do. Much of it involves self development blogs, articles and books as well as business books, other non-fiction and fiction. One of the reasons that I read so much (and listen to podcasts too) is to help me to work on things about me and my life that I want to change. It really helps to keep me focused, and being a ‘why?’ person it often helps me to stick at changing habits and activities by helping me to develop the underlying reason for doing something.
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