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1 8 Tips for Balancing Self-Care and Success

In another guest post Harper, after spending countless hours writing articles for numerous blogs and sites, tries to get creative with her self-care habits – from meditating and taking long bubble baths to gardening. In this day and age, it’s easy to get lost in your work. When feeling busy or overwhelmed, it is difficult to think about and prioritise yourself. Self-care is often overlooked, however, it is […]

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Fight Stress and Anxiety with These Celebrity Tips

how to de-stress like your favourite celebs

We all know the feeling — you’re overwhelmed, your mind and thoughts can’t seem to settle down, and you might even be a little bit agitated. Stress is something that affects us physically and mentally, and it’s something that every single person experiences at some point. Whether it’s a first date, a big presentation at […]

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Stop the Overwhelm, Get Organised and Get to Live More