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Live Your Best Life with These Bucket List Ideas

bucket list ideas

In the next in a series of guest blogs, Bestow help you to think about your bucket list! What do you want to do before you die? Chances are you’ve thought about this, even if you haven’t officially compiled your goals on paper. While having a bucket list may seem cliche, it’s actually a great […]

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Top Benefits of Living More Simply

living more simply

There are many benefits to living more simply, and everyone has different reasons for choosing to simplify their life. But there are definitely benefits that you see on almost everyone’s ‘reasons to simplify’ list. See which of these could motivate you to choose a simplified lifestyle.

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How are Simplifying your Life and Gratitude Linked?

simplifying your life

How are you doing in simplifying your life and identifying gratitude? Simplicity seems to be a bit of a common theme everywhere I turn at the moment. I guess it’s the new year influence but it also seems like a societal shift is taking place. Another theme within the coaching and personal development community is gratitude […]

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Learn to Say No: Increase the Power of How You Spend Your Time

learn to say no

How many of us aren’t very good at saying no? I know I often find myself doing things that I don’t really want to do but I say yes from a misguided sense of not wanting to let people down!
Saying no more often is definitely a great way to keep more of your time for the stuff that you need to do, which leads to more time to do what you want to do (to ‘Live More’).
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2 Bring Out Your Boxes – A Memorabilia Organising Strategy for the Whole Family

memorabilia organising

I am the proud mother of three sons and while my “littlest baby” is 25 years old, some of the trinkets, gifts, and art projects they made growing up can still be found on my shelves.
In fact, what is not on my shelves is neatly preserved in several tote bins which are lovingly stored in the attic, closets, and garage of my home.
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