Take a Holiday to Reverse Burnout (Day 11)

When was the last time you took a holiday?

It may seem obvious that taking a holiday can help reverse burnout, but only a small percentage of people actually disengage and disconnect from their daily sources of stress for a restful holiday. Most of us allow excuses and anxieties to prevent us from unplugging and taking a meaningful break.

What are the two biggest reasons people give for not taking a holiday?

  1. Time
  2. Finances

On the surface, these seem like valid mitigating circumstances – but there are ways around both roadblocks if you are committed to find time to spend taking care of yourself.

1. Time

Many people believe they have no time to take a holiday: that their business will implode, their lives are fundamentally too hectic, or any number of other worries.

No matter the reason, time needn’t be a roadblock to taking a holiday. If you can’t take 7 or more days off in a row, consider these alternatives:

Extended Weekends – There are many three-day weekends throughout the work year. Consider extending your weekend to a fourth or fifth day by adding a holiday day on either end of a naturally occurring three-day weekend.

Mini-vacations – Like extended weekends, mini-vacations are simply shorter and take place within the time you already have off work. Consider staying closer to home and enjoying local activities so travel days aren’t an issue.

Stay-cations – Stay home – or in your hometown – but completely unplug from your work. Do the things you would take time to do on holiday without the need to spend time or money traveling.

Consider these additional pro-tips to make finding time to holiday possible:

Delegate – Free up time by delegating some tasks to others who are willing to help.

Get a holiday buddy – find someone to share the workload with when you need to take time off, and then cover for them when they want to get away.

Create a ‘hit-by-a-bus’ file – This is a policy and procedure file that outlines your projects and workflow, making it possible for anyone to step in and do your job in your absence from work.

Put holidays on your schedule – Plan out your holiday times well in advance. This alerts your support teams that you will be gone and helps keep you focused on prepping as time draws near.

2. Finances

Blaming your budget for not being able to take a holiday is like blaming your doctor for feeling sick.

Your budget is a tool that is there to be used by you in any way necessary – it is only inefficient choices that diminish its effects. Whether you engage in a shorter holiday, stay-cation, or make other creative adjustments due to costs, you can find multiple ways to make your holiday happen.

Consider these tips:

Make saving a game – Challenge your family to save together for a holiday fund. Save change, hold a garage sale, reduce unnecessary spending, sacrifice a few conveniences together, or take small odd-jobs. Encourage the entire family to think of ways to add to the fund. Set a goal and create a vision board to keep everyone focused and motivated on your upcoming family trip.

Envelope system – Book your holiday ahead of time and make a deposit. Calculate the funds needed to pay the full balance, and divide that by your number of paydays until the trip. Each payday, slip that money into an envelope in a safe place and be ready to pay off your holiday costs easily when the time comes.

Get creative – There are many websites designed to offer discounts on holiday costs. No matter your taste and budget, you can save money on a holiday with minimal research effort. Determine your budget ahead of time and get the most bang for your buck by getting creative and doing research.

No matter what you do for your vacation, make it count. Unplug from your stressors and recharge your batteries. Do the things that refresh and rejuvenate you so you can melt away that burnt-out feeling and return to your normal life with a renewed sense of purpose and interest.

Photo by Cosmic Timetraveler on Unsplash

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