Flexibility in the Workplace to Improve Employee Experience – Engage for Success Live Radio Podcast

24/06/2019 @ 17:30 – 18:00

Special Guest: Anwen Bottois, Associate Director – People Strategy, University of Salford

Anwen is currently the Associate Director, People Strategy leading the teams that are shaping the employee experience at the University of Salford. This covers leadership, management and colleague development, organisational development, strategic projects, reward, recognition, performance, data analysis that enables them to make informed decisions, all underpinned by creating an inclusive and diverse environment for all.

A key project that her team has been leading is development of greater flexibility in the workplace.

They’ve been piloting this approach within the HR Team. Anwen joins us to share how they have been developing greater flexibility and principles to consider in making decisions on flexibility to enable colleagues to really make their best contributions to the organisation.

We also discuss how this has been working for them including the wider benefits this has had for the team and the organisation, beyond just creating more flexibility.

Greater flexibility at the heart of how they operate as a team has created greater trust, autonomy and a more supportive and creative environment. There are challenges that exist but these challenges are a great opportunity to understand their organisation better.

Anwen’s been an HR generalist for most of her career but over time she has loved getting involved in more complex projects and change activities and she’s passionate about HR and the role we play in change, transformation and delivering a successful business every day.

Host: Jo Dodds

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