Your Employee Engagement Practices are Killing Engagement 

23/07/2018 @ 17:30 – 18:00

Special Guest: Abi Freeman, Co-Founder, Brink
Brink is a team made of strategy, coaching, psychology and tech expertise – on a mission to enable innovation and equip organisations to tackle big challenges bravely.
Brink works with corporates, governments and NGOs from Silicon Valley to Kathmandu Valley, to deliver innovation programmes and show teams how to learn, become adaptive and resilient in the face of uncertain futures.
Abi Freeman is an I/O and business psychologist, business leader and entrepreneur. The thread that ties her work together is behaviour.
From her 15+ years’ experience designing and delivering innovation and entrepreneurship programmes for Governments, business, tech start-ups and Academia, she knows that for innovation and behaviour change to have an enduring impact, it requires the right mindset and an enabling environment. That’s why she recently co-founded Brink.
Twitter: @abigailfrmn @hellobrink
Join us as we discuss how your employee engagement practices are killing innovation and what you can do about it. She says:
We believe that for innovation to endure, it needs the right mindset and an enabling environment. Designed well, they can unlock engagement, productivity and innovation but done badly they can have adverse effects.
Many organisations have innovation mantras written on the walls but don’t live up to those mantras in practise. At Brink we hold companies accountable and work with them to get real on incentives, really (truly) enabling the experimentation and failure that’s necessary for innovation, and finding brand appropriate ways to democratise where ideas come from.

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