Are you a Home Based Coach or Consultant Looking for Help?

Do you often feel isolated, lacking in focus, unsupported and unsure what to do next to improve your business and life?

As a home based coach or consultant, do you feel that you're not having enough fun every day, that your business isn't successful enough, or that life would be better and you'd be happier if you felt more organised, productive and less overwhelmed?

Do you feel out of control, like you never get done what you want and need to do and that you don't spend enough time enjoying yourself and having fun either - a lose lose situation?

I did a survey and asked home based coaches and consultants what they like and don't like about running a business working from home

Flexibility, time and freedom were some of the most common responses to the question, 'What's the best thing about working from home?'.

Loneliness, isolation, too many distractions and lack of focus were the most common responses to the question 'What's the worst thing about working from home?'

I wasn't surprised to see these frustrations - I hear home based coaches and consultants voicing these concerns all over the place!

And when I first started my business, I said that stuff too!

jo dodds

Starting my first business in 2005, I had no idea just how little time I would be left with to enjoy the family life that had prompted the change to self-employment in the first place!

At one stage publishing 8 local magazines, I was used to working every hour that was available, regularly pulling all nighters at print deadline time, and generally missing out on family life.

In 2011, I even had a scary episode in the middle of the night that turned out to have been a seizure. Then, in 2012 within 2 days of being diagnosed, my Mum died of cancer, a few months previously my, now late, father in law had been diagnosed with cancer and a few months later my Mum's partner also died.

So, I had a bit of a wake up call and decided that I needed to change the way that I lived my life and ran my business to enable me to 'live more', in my words - to do more of the things that I want to do because (cue cliché!) 'life's too short' and 'you have to enjoy the journey and not just focus on the destination'.

I knew I had to do something about it and start to live my life and run my business differently!

I kicked off a journey of discovery to work out how I could change my business and life to enable me to do more of what I wanted to do, to 'live more'. 

It wasn't an overnight transformation, impatient and action-taking as I may be!

Gradually I worked out how to simplify my work and life.

I set out systemising and automating what I could, involving other people in my quest and looking after my health. 

I started singing! I made time to read more (the thing I love to do most!).

And then I added in routines, rituals and habits to keep it all happening.

I shifted into doing more corporate work - to keep my hand in as a home based coach and consultant - and started to work out how I could separately use everything I've learnt to help other people struggling with similar life and work challenges in a way that enables me to also do what I want and 'live more'!

I was going to say so I'm 'eating my own dog food' but that's a horrible how about 'drinking my own champagne'?!

And then I had a BIG IDEA...

How about creating a way for home based coaches and consultants to congregate online in a supportive environment with learning and resources that would remove some of their frustrations about working from home whilst teaching them to improve their business whilst also making time and space for them to 'live more' and do what they want to do!


My whole life I have been someone who learns stuff and then shares it to help other people. I'm often the 'go to person' amongst my friends when people get stuck or need to know how to do something. I'm known for taking problems and finding solutions by reading, watching videos, googling or trial and error.

Here's my way of using that knowledge and skill, along with my own home based business experience, to help you to have a successful business and get to 'live more'.


I could have just set up a Facebook group to provide a level of community to help with avoiding loneliness and isolation as a home based coach or consultant but I don't think that's enough. I'm an action taker and I know you probably are too.

Chatting and supporting each other is great but I wanted a resource to drive focus and action as well as to provide learning opportunities and a way to ease the challenges of running a business on your own. So, the membership site also includes these three areas:


...that extra support to help you to focus and deliver on what you set out to do

Learning to help you learn and enable you to be successful and 'live more'


...templates, checklists & resources so you don't have to re-invent the wheel

Specifically designed and developed so you can...

Stop the isolation, stop re-inventing the wheel and stop faffing when you should be focusing!

Most membership sites would now give you a 'buy now' button to enable you to sign up for membership or perhaps for a trial but...



I want you to be completely sure that this is going to be worthwhile to you and that you will be able to give your focus to it and your support to the other members. I also want to ensure that I get to know you before you join (if you decide to join!) so I can introduce you properly to the other members, your new community, and so that I can help you to plan your first few weeks in the membership to ensure you really get immediate value

So, when you click this button, it will take you to my calendar tool so that you can book in a call with me. It's free and there is no obligation to join the membership after the call.

Once you're booked in, you will be taken to a page where you can download my 'Business Personality Assessment to Manage and Grow your Business with Ease' ebook and then you will need to answer a few questions about your own business personality before we speak. 

During our call I will endeavour to give you full value for the hour, get to know you, help you to further explore your business personality, what that means for how you run your business and to enable you to 'live more' and I'll give you as many tips, strategies and resources as we can fit in to the time!

If you want to join the membership at the end of the call I will give you the link. 

It's currently £97 a month or you can pay £997 for a year to make a saving.

Jo Dodds

Creator of

POWER to Live More CALM

About Me

I started my first business in 2005 and for the first few years thought it was all about working harder and harder and, unfortunately, missing out on time and experiences with family and friends. That changed after a health scare and illness and deaths in the family. I now know it's sometimes about doing less to get more and certainly about getting learning and support to enable you to craft your business and life to create success that will enable you to 'live more' and do more of what you want.

What are you waiting for? Carve out an hour for us to have that call and let's explore how I can help you...

Are you like the home based coaches and consultants who took part in my survey and talked about feeling isolated and lonely in business? About missing colleagues to bounce ideas off? Struggling to focus given all the distractions at home?

Do you get stuck knowing what to do next? Do you feel like you only learn stuff as you have to deal with challenges rather than proactively? Do you really want to live more rather than keep working more but you can't see that happening any time soon.

Advantages vs Disadvantages of Joining POWER to Live More CALM

I thought I'd list you a few pros and cons for joining POWER to Live More CALM. There are more but these are a good start. Do arrange a chat if any of the pros sound attractive!

The Pros List

  • Work online with other people running their own businesses
  • Stop having to reinvent the wheel when you need to do something
  • Learn what you need to know to be successful and 'live more'
  • Get accountability help from the group and/or 121
  • Get help to focus on your business and get stuff done

The Cons List

  • Continue to work on your own in isolation
  • Continue feeling overwhelmed and confused about next actions
  • Start everything from scratch and reinvent the wheel
  • Continue working all the time and not getting to 'live more'
  • Work out for yourself what learning you need & find it

What People are Saying...

annabelle webster - overwhelm gone

"Overwhelm gone, productivity returns"

"Overwhelm has been my best friend for years. It ebbs and flows and at some points feels like I am drowning and I end up getting nothing done as I don’t know where to turn and what to start first.

Jo gave me some invaluable assistance with some quick win software solutions in regards to email handling, passwords, project management ment tools and we got to work.

I followed the daily plan that Jo set where I reported back on my progress – even if it was only 10 minutes of tidying my dropbox folders and this kept the motivation and progress small but constant.

THANK YOU - - - I feel in control, I feel vaguely sane and I feel free now to get on with what I need to be doing !"

Annabelle Webster
wendy kier

“It's all about getting stuff done with ease"

“Jo is always ready with a helpful resource suggestion and has a wealth of knowledge around productivity, systems and getting stuff done with ease!

She has masses of enthusiasm, a positive outlook and really creates confidence in her clients with her supportive and generous nature."

Wendy Kier
Digital Nomad, Experts Who Uplevel

"improved productivity and ideas for resources..."

"Jo is full of great ideas, always promoting a wide range of thought provoking suggestions for better motivation and productivity.

She is my speedy 'go-to' person for tech advice."

Katherine Bassey

100% Satisfaction Guarantee

I know this is likely to be a big investment for you in terms of money and time and you need to have peace of mind that it will work for you. It's no good adding more overwhelm to your life! And what happens if you don't like the other members or if you don't like me?!

Once you join you can easily cancel at any time (no hiding the cancel button or making you jump through hoops) and if you decide during the first month that it’s not for you, I’ll give you your money back!

I’ve tried to make this as easy as possible for you to make a decision to join us.

Frequently Asked Questions

Will I have time to do this?

How much time do I need for this?

What if it's not right for me?

​Will I get on with the people?

PS: We're waiting to welcome you into the POWER to Live More CALM community. Imagine how that would feel - being supported, held accountable, answered, productive, organised, well and CALM!

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