Finally, a Way to Get Stuff Done with Ease... 

...When Procrastination Keeps Getting in the Way

It's frustrating isn't it?

Everywhere you turn people are producing new products, decluttering their houses, clearing their emails and even writing books, seemingly like magic! How do they do it you ask yourself? There never seems to be enough time in the day to get stuff done especially the important stuff, and let alone write a book or write a weekly blog!

And then there's the rest of your life; how much time do you get to really do the stuff that you want to do - to 'Live More' - rather than keep doing the stuff that you feel you should do or have to do?

Do you feel that you're not having enough fun every day or that life would be better if you had a tidy, organised house or a more successful business or job or, should I say, a tidy house AND a more successful business/job!


Do you have a constant feeling of overwhelm? Do you feel out of control, like you never get done what you want and need to do and that you don't spend enough time enjoying yourself and having fun either. A lose lose situation.

And life's too short, isn't it, to spend most of it feeling like you're not doing the right stuff and that you're spending too much time on the less important, seemingly more urgent, stuff and still not feeling successful or organised or on top of things.

And what about family time and time for yourself?​

Some people spend their whole lives working on finding some time for themselves and, often, it never happens or at least not enough, or it's too late.

Do you struggle to get stuff done even when you're trying to be productive?

jo dodds

My whole life I've been interested in time management and how to be more productive. I've tried all the systems! I had a filofax in the 80s, a Psion in the 90s, read Dave Allen's Getting Things Done in the 00s and tried a myriad of online systems since the beginning of this decade.

So, you're not alone there.​

Time management systems often fail because they are based around other people's priorities and personal style. What works for one doesn't necessarily work for someone else. So, it's not really the system that fails but how we use it (or not, as the case may be!).

And then we have all the self sabotage that we throw in along the way to stop us getting the right things done in a timely way to give us the time to, instead, do the stuff that we want to do.

Procrastination kicks in and we find a million and one other things to do other than the one thing that we know needs to be done. Sound familiar?

When I was studying a few years ago, I always got an irresistible urge to clean my cooker! I think you can guess that it wasn't the cooker calling to me...rather it was my talent for finding displacement activities that was to blame!

Do you struggle to get stuff done even when you're trying to be productive?

With the benefit of age, knowledge, experience and trial and error, I'm in a much better place now to get stuff done - I teach productivity for goodness sake! I have a fairly robust email management and to do list process in place. And I, mostly, get enough stuff done so that I can spend more time doing the things I want to do like spending time with my daughter, singing, walking and reading (amongst other things!).

Nevertheless I still struggle with procrastination, particularly around projects with a far off deadline. Why is it that extra time seems to give us more time to procrastinate rather than more time to plan and do whatever we need to get done?

I have, however, now discovered a way to get stuff done with least effort and stress! It's a system based around accountability and community - two very powerful drivers for getting stuff done, as I've experienced.

I undertook a 28 day programme to help me to 'Get Stuff Done' with the support of a group of likeminded people wanting to get their own stuff done.

Every day I spent 25 minutes working on a task with the support of the others in my accountability group that would get me closer to the goal that I'd set myself.

​And I got loads done!

power image

I first tasked myself with transferring podcast show notes to my membership site. I was way behind and by halfway through the programme they were up to date. Then I spent a week preparing a webinar and then for the remainder of the time I planned out my strategy for the rest of the year.

All important stuff that needed to be done and probably wouldn't have been by now without that opportunity (what do I mean probably...definitely!).It was amazing to see how far regular, small daily actions can get you towards a goal.

Do you struggle to get stuff done even when you're trying to be productive?

I admit it, I was a little concerned that I hadn't managed to get this stuff done independently before.

That's sort of the point though - none of what you're trying to do is hard or impossible to do. It's just that without that accountability and support, it doesn't happen. Without the momentum created by the process it just doesn't happen consistently.

I have an accountability app on my smartphone that I use every day to encourage me to take my tablets, do my French practise, take a walk. But do you know how many days I've had that were 100% complete in the last month? 30, 20, 10? Sadly I have to say, just the one!

It's not that I'm not motivated to do the things on the list or that I don't get them mostly done (it's just one or two different items each day that I just can't find time to fit in each time).

But I am lacking that public accountability and community. No one knows if I haven't done all of the things on my list and, guess what happens when the day runs away with me and I don't have to tell anyone? Not all of them get done!

So, yes it's perfectly possible to 'Get Stuff Done' on your own, it just may not happen as consistently (if it all!). And really, not with as much fun as when you're 'in it' with a group of like minded people getting their stuff done too!

And often, when procrastination kicks in, it's usually important tasks that seem too difficult or too mammoth or too important that fall by the wayside, isn't it? But not with this accountability in place.

What was really helpful to me during the 28 days is that the other members of the group, as well as my coach, were so friendly and supportive. There wasn't any pressure to be perfect or to work on my tasks every day. But, you know what? I did because I didn't want to let myself down in front of everyone!

For complete transparency I will admit to missing a couple of days when I was socialising with friends and the wine may have got in the way of my work! But other than that stuff got done.

So, you see, I'm not the perfect super hero of getting stuff done, I'm like you, I would guess. I get quite a bit stuff done on an inconsistent basis and I have a ton of stuff on my to do list that I would really rather wasn't on there (because it has been done of course - it would be too easy to just delete it, wouldn't it?).

So, you won't be surprised to hear that, a bit like the old Remington commercial with Victor Kiam, I loved the tool so much that I invested in it so that I can offer it to you. Ok, not entirely like it, I didn't buy the company, but you get the drift!

So, This Is For You If...

  • you're struggling to get things done either through lack of motivation or procrastination
  • you're ashamed at how little you've actually achieved of your important project
  • you feel overwhelmed, frustrated or confused about how much you have to do
  • you get started but persevering and consistently getting stuff done isn't happening
  • you've got something that you want to get done but for some reason it just doesn't
  • you're a business owner / entrepreneur who works from home
  • you don't feel you have the support to get this stuff done, so you feel isolated
  • you keep putting off important tasks for more urgent, but less vital, jobs
  • you're constantly busy but not with the right stuff to really move your business forward

Are you willing to try a different way to Get your Stuff Done?

get stuff done with ease

I will help you to 'Get Stuff Done with Ease'.

That's your stuff, the stuff that you know you need to do to get you closer to your goals but that you just put off and don't end up doing.

It may be your bookkeeping, your de-cluttering, or your exercising every day, or even your book writing. Anything that you need to get done works with this programme!

There are three easy steps

1. Join a group

2. Identify your 4 week goal

3. Break your goal into small daily tasks

and Get Stuff Done with Ease!

melissa williams pope

I Highly Recommend This to Anyone Who Wants to Up Their Productivity & See Results

It's so easy to make lists, to plan, to scheme and dream, and especially to spend time substituting "learning" for "doing." But without actually putting those plans in motion with consistent action steps, you'll never get anywhere. Consistency has really been a struggle for me, though. There's always so many other things that need my attention, so many other avenues to try. I was really missing the accountability and support that a program like this provides. But with that daily support, in four weeks I was able to take an idea out of my head, turn it into a program and start promoting it. In only a couple of weeks after that, I started it - with my lovely group of brand new clients! I highly recommend this to anyone who wants to up their productivity in a big way and see results.

Melissa Williams-Pope, Business Beginnings Coach for New Coaches,

Since Joining the Program, I've Accomplished More Than I Ever Expected

"I often get started with a goal feeling strong but unfortunately, my energy and commitment usually wane. Since joining this program two months ago, I've accomplished more than I ever expected. I wrote articles regularly and created a program, both of which I had been procrastinating for months. Documenting our daily progress each day as well as the encouragement from the coach and group members were key to keeping me engaged. I would recommend this program to anyone who needs to complete important tasks that otherwise they tend to procrastinate doing."

Kelly Beischel, President and CEO, Dr. B. Presents

Get Stuff Done with Ease Check Out Everything That's Included...

This isn't just info and a few downloads. This is an online opportunity to interact with people who also want to get their stuff done. You support each other and you really do overcome your procrastination and get things done.

Personal Coaching

Get regular online coaching from me as well as from your fellow group members. Research shows the importance of having a coach to help you to unlock your potential to maximise your performance.

Peer Support

Interact with  group members to get their support as well as to encourage them in getting their stuff done. Build relationships with people who really understand your challenges and cheer you on all the way.


Small daily actions are key. You are kept accountable to consistently take action on a daily basis to get your stuff done. Small daily actions over 28 days ensure you cumulatively get tons done!


If you don't want other people in the group to know who you are and hence what you're working on, no problem. You can use a pseudonym so that you can work confidentially on your tasks.

Course Content

Get immediate access to comprehensive content to help you to get organised and become more productive. This runs alongside the accountability programme as bonus content and varies by plan.

Online Access

Log in online to share what you've got done and reflect on how you can improve. Login from your computer, your smartphone or your tablet; get access wherever you are, whatever you are doing.

Get instant access to my Get Stuff Done with Ease accountability programme now!

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get stuff done with ease


Try It Out 100% Risk-FREE for 30 DAYS!

I know this programme will work for you. As long as you know what you want to do and can identify small actions that you can take daily to get there, it will work. If it doesn't, you have 30 days from the date of purchase to ask for your money back! 

jocelyn friis

I've Been Amazed at the Progress I've Made

Since joining the programme I have been amazed at the progress I've made. It's been so different to any other accountability system I have experienced. Checking in daily has been the key - I look forward to reading and commenting on everyone's updates as well as logging my own. Having a coach to hold my hand has been invaluable, not to mention the helpful and encouraging support from my group members. I feel like we are a close-knit group of friends now, after just one month! If you are looking to get things done, in amongst a great supportive community, I highly encourage you to join!

Jocelyn Friis
kate duttro

This Program Stared with Daily Baby Steps - and Even I Could Do That

I had been avoiding writing for months, even though I knew that I had to get more copy on my website. I would sit down at my desk, intending to work for several hours, and within 30 seconds, I'd suddenly think of something else I HAD to do that moment.... What was really confusing and disheartening was that I used to be a freelance writer, writing on deadline for nearly 8 years - but now I couldn't write anything! This program started with daily baby steps, like writing for just15 minutes - and even I could do that. Feedback from others in the group startled me - I'm still surprised, 2 months later, that just a small comment on my persistence means so much. I've been writing at least 15 minutes a day

Dr Kate Duttro, Career Coach to Recovering Academics


Here are answers to some frequently asked questions:

How does this work?

How technical do I need to be?

Will it work for me?

Do I have to do something every day?

Get instant access to my Get Stuff Done with Ease accountability programme now!

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