Meditation - Which Type Suits You Best - Do You Know?

Which Type of Meditation Suits You Best?

In another in our series of guest blogs, Keyleigh from Club Woodside shares an infographic to help you with meditation.

Meditation – perhaps you’ve seen people meditating in a yoga class. Or maybe you’ve even tried it yourself once or twice, and just thought, “I’m not sure what this is all about”.

But stick with the idea for a second, because meditation can bring about real and lasting change in many ways.

For starters, meditation is a great way to release stress. It creates a mindfulness, a presence, that can also translate into physical benefits such as a better immune response and a reduction in depression.

And meditation is easy: It doesn’t require any special equipment and you really don’t even need to be taught or go to a class. You need a quiet spot, a comfortable position, and a focus—be it your breath, an image, or a saying.

Once you’ve started meditation, you can explore some of the different types, each of which have differences from one another and benefits, too. To walk through the wide and varied world of meditation, use this graphic.

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