Five Truths to Help You Feel Better about Change (Day 20)

Some people struggle with change. They fight it, they avoid it, they fear it, and sometimes they feel guilty about it.

These notions would make anyone want to keep things as same as possible. One would think that only adrenaline junkies and dysfunctional people would want to disrupt what could be a perfectly normal situation for something that could be worse… or better!

Assuming the glass is half-full and can only hold more – there are risks to change, but the positive truths about change far outweigh the disadvantages.

Let’s take a look:

1. Change is inevitable

Whether you cling to what you have or long for something more, change is inevitable. Nothing can or will stay the same.

You have power when it comes to change. You can control the speed, quality, and quantity of the change coming. Your actions or reactions to change will determine how amazing the change is.

Get comfortable with the notion of change as part of the evolution of life and stop resisting.

2. Change helps your brain stay healthy

Our brains need new and varied problems to work on or they get flaccid. A brain that isn’t working out problems, solving mysteries, or figuring things out gets weak.

Change is one of the greatest ways to keep our brains healthy. This means our lifespan will be healthier and our mind will not be as susceptible to diseases like dementia.

3. Change creates maturity

Sometimes change comes with a price tag. Sometimes change comes with a penalty. Sometimes change requires risk and sometimes change is forced on us.

No matter how change comes, it causes us to grow. From learning we are tougher than we realised, to having to do some really hard things – change creates maturity.

4. Change teaches you to overcome fear and anxiety

Whether stepping out towards change in fear or being pushed into the unknown without your consent, change can be scary. The devil we know is easier to manage than the one we don’t.

Once the fears are faced, they are often scarier in theory than reality. Change teaches you to overcome fear and anxiety as you learn new coping skills or how to talk yourself through the fear.

5. Change gives you choices

The cool thing about one change is that it can bring about another. If you choose something and don’t like it, that isn’t the end of the line. Change things again!

Once the spirit of change is validated and embraced, change can become part of the normal routine. From changing your coffee order to the brand of cereal your family eats this week, change can be fun.

From picking a new wall colour to a new genre of book to read, change can be exciting. From changing where you volunteer your time or which organisation you donate to, change can matter to more people.

There are many truths about change – some scary and some not so much. Enjoy the concept of change and it will lead to enjoying the realities of change.

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