How is Your Health? Five Ways to Give Your Health a Fresh Start (Day 6)

Health is a vital component of life and often a key area where people want a fresh start.

Life happens and through good times and bad, our health can take a back seat to other things. Each year as the the New Year comes and goes, the health industry kicks into gear supporting people’s resolve to give health a new look.

There is something about the clean slate of a new year that calls us to think about a fresh start.

How is your health? Do you need a fresh start? From eating better, to moving more, to addressing concerns or symptoms you have ignored, it might be a good time make some changes that will give you the new beginning you need.

Check out these five ways to give your health a new start:

Get a checkup

Visiting your Doctor should be an annual event at the very least.

Having a checkup can prevent illness and address any issues as they come up when they are easier to manage. We should all be seeing our primary care Doctor for an annual exam, but don’t forget these important exams too: vision exam, dental exam, and other exams important at different ages and stages of life.

Discover a new way to eat healthy foods

At any given time, there are food trends designed to get people excited about eating healthier.

If you love exploring the newest science or fad, go for it. It is also perfectly acceptable to simply eat better. Cut the calories, salt, sugar, and find new and better ways to cook and consume foods.

Browse the internet or bookstores for enticing new recipes or search YouTube for new cooking shows or videos that spark your interest.

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Sometimes the first step to better health starts with research. You may not know what you want to do or how to do it until you learn it.

Spend time reading a new book, subscribe to a great blog or magazine, and start educating yourself about healthier lifestyle choices. You never know what will spark a reinvention.

Find a new outdoor hobby

Some people resist ‘working out’. They are afraid of the commitment or the thought of pain and effort.

Trick yourself into loving the outdoor lifestyle by hiding your workout in a hobby. From sports activities to bird watching, there are unlimited ways to be active that aren’t about lifting weights or running. Challenge yourself to find a new outdoor hobby and watch your health improve effortlessly.

Stop a bad habit and start a good one

Choose one bad habit – grabbing that 3:00 pm chocolate bar – and start a new one.

Park in the farthest spot and walk into work. You don’t have to drop every bad habit and start every new habit at once. Simply go for one of each and be proud of your improvement.

It doesn’t take much to give your health a fresh start. Make a small choice that will make it easier to make many more small choices that all add up.

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