Why it is so Important to Know Who You are Today for a Fresh Start Tomorrow (Day 21)

Change requires determination and knowing who you are.

Going after something that will make your heart sing requires stamina, consistency, and drive. If people in your life aren’t supportive, it can be more difficult than it needs to be to make change.

Here are some common roadblocks to change:

  • Not knowing what you want
  • People not supporting your choices
  • Finances
  • Connections
  • Fears
  • Opportunities

If you don’t know who you are today, it can make getting a fresh start harder. Here’s why:

  • Your ambiguity creates confusion
  • You lack confidence and can be easily dissuaded
  • You may have a lack mindset
  • You might not have the courage to ask for what you want
  • You may let fear overcome your desires
  • You may fail to take risks or seek opportunities

Knowing who you are – your worth, values, and desires – is the key to making effective change. Once you know these things, the roadblocks take care of themselves. Here’s how:

Exchange ambiguity for certainty

Decide what you want specifically and go straight for it. If you don’t know, make finding out your primary focus.

Exchange lack of confidence for courage

Determine yourself to believe that what you want is valid, important, and achievable. You wouldn’t have the desire if you weren’t capable of achieving it.

Exchange a lack mindset for a plentiful mindset

Let go of the belief that there are limited resources.

There are unlimited options, finances, opportunities, and resources available to everyone. Read stories of overcomers, achievers, or miracles, and expand your mind to include anything being possible.

Exchange silence for speaking

Start asking for what you want.

Stop being meek and mild and start verbalising your preferences. Be open and honest and stop being too much of a team player.

Your preferences matter and your choices are only limited when you allow them to be.

Exchange fear for bravery

Fear is a liar. It’s that simple.

Fear is going to tell you everything that works on your psyche to get you to not take action towards what you want. Be brave and you can overcome fear.

Exchange timidness for boldness

Being timid will lead nowhere.

To get what you want, you have to be bold. Waiting around for someone to give you what you want isn’t going to make it happen easily.

Be bold and ask for what you want and keep asking until you get the result you expect.

These exercises will help you learn about yourself and better understand what your roadblocks are to change. The more you know yourself and overcome the traps, the easier it will be to get the fresh start you deserve.

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