Holding Your Ground When You Want to Make a Fresh Start (Day 15)

Making a fresh start makes perfect sense to you because you have been part of the process all along. Those in your sphere of influence might be caught off guard or surprised by your revelations, and that can cause friction.

Sometimes people are overt and vocal about their thoughts and feelings. Some are passive-aggressive saboteurs who aren’t upfront or honest. Both are dangerous to your esteem and your determination. It helps to be prepared and fortified against attack when you want a fresh start and you don’t have support.

Here are some key concepts to study and use to hold your ground when you want to make a fresh start:

Remember why you started

It is important to remember why you decided to make a fresh start to begin with.

Likely something happened to spark the desire for change. Try activities like journaling to help you go back and reflect on your earliest thoughts and feelings about the changes you want.

Keep your focus on the health and benefits of the change, and don’t let anyone divert you from your goals.

Learn the “yes and” model

The “yes and” model allows for two realities at the same time.

It is entirely possible that what you want and what someone else wants can live in harmony. If your spouse is determined to keep some bad eating habits, you can agree to support their food choices and keep your new ones too.

Your kids may be upset because you are taking time for yourself at the gym that they are used to having spent on them. You can agree that going to the gym is a change for the kids and you are still going to keep attending. By validating the thoughts of those who feel upset or concerned, you can honour their feelings without taking on guilt that isn’t productive to your change.

Not everyone will support you and that’s ok

Some people simply won’t be ok with your ideas and that is ok.

If everyone were on the same wavelength with each other, life could be really boring. It is unrealistic to believe that everyone will embrace your ideas about a fresh start. Learning to live with the disappointment from others and keeping your focus is a maturity tool.

Some people need time to adjust

Sometimes people have an initial reaction because they are afraid of change. Let time go by and your efforts, your enthusiasm, and your success will likely change their minds and heart about your fresh start. Sometimes you just have to wait things out and people will come around.

Your fresh start is all about you. While it is always important to consider those closest to you when making changes and big decisions, ultimately the buck, the change, and the enthusiasm starts and ends with you. Don’t let others knock you off your path. Hold your ground and get that fresh start!

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