Not Everyone Wants to Change and That’s OK (Day 23)

A by-product of a fresh start is enthusiasm. It’s hard to contain the joy that comes from seeing the fruits of your labour.

It is natural to want to share your new skills and the benefits that came from the effort you put in – that’s totally normal!

You may find that your enthusiasm falls flat on others, and that can feel frustrating. Why wouldn’t someone want the solutions to a problem that you had? Why wouldn’t someone want to feel as awesome as you do from making some simple changes?

It’s simple – Not everyone wants to change, and that’s ok.

If having the answer to the problem were all it took to make change, everyone would be fit as a fiddle, employed to their highest potential, earning unlimited income, and look and express themselves exactly as they wanted to. The reality is there are a lot of reasons people don’t change.

  • Fear
  • Finances
  • Lack of education
  • Lack of determination
  • Lack of confidence

And more!

Note: Look back at your journey and ask yourself why you didn’t take action sooner. Chances are, the people who resist your enthusiasm are stuck in many of the ways you were at one time.

Everyone is on their own journey. They are on their own timeline and have to move through their own mindset issues – should they choose to.

Does this mean you can’t share your enthusiasm and joy for the changes you have made? Absolutely not. Here are some things you can do to influence others in a positive way, even when they don’t want to change:

Simply be your brand new self

People are often influenced by others who are living optimal lives. The “I want what she’s having” model. Simply going about life and living it well can be all the influence you need to inspire someone else.

Be the teacher when the student is ready

There is a philosophy that the teacher appears when the student is ready. Be willing to teach your tricks, tips, and tell your story with someone who shares interest.

There are people everywhere who are ready for change and sometimes those who aren’t just aren’t ready… yet. Be patient and ready if they change their mind.

As you reflect on your road to change, you may realise that there was a time when you weren’t quite there yet. You weren’t ready for change, and pressure to do so would have turned you off. You had to work through your issues and get to the place where you knew your worth and wanted the fresh start more than you wanted to stay the same.

Give others the respect you needed and be ok with where they are and ready to support them when they look for their own fresh start.

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