Support Others Who Want to Make a Fresh Start (Day 27)

When you were ready for a fresh start, having others involved to support you likely made things easier.

Having their input, buy-in, and assistance made your journey easier because you didn’t feel alone. Now is the time to pay that forward.

Support others who want to make a fresh start too. You know first-hand how valuable it is to have the support of others and what it takes to overcome things when you don’t. You can be a voice of reason, support, and education that others can lean on during their journey.

Here are some practical ways you can support others who want to make a fresh start of their own:

Get behind them in good times and in front of them in bad

People in transition have good days and bad days. Be their supporter, pushing them along when times are great and be their protector, standing in front of their enemies when times are hard.

Be their biggest cheerleader

Imagine running a marathon and feeling every step throughout your body.

There is a moment in every marathon where the runner “hits the wall” and is in jeopardy of giving up. Having someone there to encourage, urge them on, and be their biggest fan can make all the difference.

Knowing someone is there cheering them on can be the difference between giving up and staying the fight.

Listen more than you talk

Change is a crazy-making time.

People who are dealing with raw emotions or simply trying to pick the right paint colour for their walls may need to talk things out with someone who can let them process without telling them what to do or what colour to pick.

Listen more than you talk and be the sounding board they need to run ideas, complain, process, or work their emotions through.

Offer grace and an occasional Kleenex

Grace is a much-needed commodity during a fresh start.

Shedding the old and saying goodbye to what was and moving toward to what will be is a challenging time. Be there to share your support and an occasional Kleenex, should there be tears.

Even if you haven’t made your fresh start, you can support those around you who have. They may inspire you to make the changes you’ve been putting off. Don’t get in the way of their progress. Be a part of their team and encourage them to be, do, and have their heart’s desires.

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