Joe Betesh : Saying ‘Yes’ to Find Your Passion 

Joe Betesh spent years in his father’s many furniture shops as well as some time as an intern for a venture capital company before he realised that it wasn’t what he wanted to do with his life.

With a bit of courage, a lot of passion, and a random glance at his former superior’s computer screen, he jumped into digital branding consultancy.

For the next six years, he built a strong portfolio by working with Fortune 500 companies and international advertising agencies. He eventually established his own branding company, Betesh Media, a digital media agency that helps businesses build brands that excite customers and encourage sales. 

Joe joins me today to discuss his journey into digital branding. He explains how his professional journey took him from being a frequent visitor of his father’s furniture shops to a self-made entrepreneur.

He shares his experiences as an office worker and the unexpected moment that changed his mind about jumping into his own business. He also discusses how his branding company developed and matured over the years and how this has influenced his own mindset and approach to life. 

“The best things in life are always the ones you don’t plan out.”

Joe Betesh 

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • How Joe got his start in the industry. 
  • Why he almost quit before he even started building his website — and the pivotal moment that changed his mind. 
  • How and where Joe spent most of his childhood, and what this taught him about human psychology. 
  • His initial foray into Facebook and social media in general. 
  • Joe’s experience as an office-based intern. 
  • The moment he realised that he didn’t like dealing with business numbers — and that he wanted to help build brands. 
  • How he got acquainted with the concept of branding. 
  • How his company evolved over the years, from their mission to their motto. 
  • Joe’s daily ritual, plus his favourite nighttime drink. 
  • His top productivity apps and how he handles ‘bad days’. 
  • How Joe strives to live more every single day. 

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Connect with Joe Betesh: 

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Top Tool to Consider

Here I recommend a tool that I use. Don’t be a slave to tools / bright shiny objects though, you don’t have to use them all!


Where do you host your website?

If it’s via your website developer then this may not be of interest to you.
If you host it yourself direct with a hosting company then this might be of interest when you’re next reviewing your supplier. 

I’ve been using LiquidWeb for a good few years now following a recommendation from a fellow business owner. And they continue to impress me day in and day out. 

I think the mark of a great web hosting company is the uptime of your website but more importantly it’s about the support you get when it all goes wrong!

LiquidWeb offer 24/7 support via chat and they are brilliant. 

On Sunday I finally got round to asking about why my website has been going down for a minute or two every day, at random times, for a few weeks. The person I chatted to checked everything out and then offered up some suggestions for things to do. And then raised a ticket to look into the issue further and I then received an email with further ideas to try to resolve it. 

Later I had three separate issues with the Engage for Success website all solved quickly with least fuss.

They’re a definite recommend.

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