15 Inspiring Podcasts that Encourage Your Resilience

15 Inspiring Podcasts that Encourage Resilience

One simple change in your daily routine can increase your productivity and improve your mood.

We could all use a little pep in our step sometimes, whether it be in the morning, during the midday lull, or after a hard day at work. Listening to podcasts are a good way to do this.

Some people find they like to listen to podcasts during their commute or while they work in addition to their free time. Podcasts have a variety of topics, ranging from educational to comedic genres. These audio recordings, often part of a series, serve to inform the public.

Podcasters recount personal experiences or host interviews to give listeners different perspectives and knowledge on a subject matter. To give you some motivation, Fundera composed a list of 15 inspiring podcasts that encourage resilience to help you get through the day.

Being resilient means you’re elastic – not literally of course. You have the ability to return to your normal self or ‘bounce back’, after trying situations. Our resilience is tested everyday through personal problems and stress in the workplace. Even simply being stuck in the monotony of life can bog you down.

If you’re ready to get inspired and change up your day, check out the infographic featuring 15 podcasts for you.

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