TED Talk: The Art of Asking

I went to the theatre last night to see an event put on by the New Statesman with Neil Gaiman and Amanda Palmer. They edited this week’s edition of the New Statesman and entitled it ‘Saying the Unsayable‘. The evening was a ‘celebration’ of the edition with music, poetry, discussion and readings.

I hadn’t come across either of them before and was lucky enough to be invited by a friend who had a spare ticket. To prepare for the evening I googled them both and came across this amazing TED Talk by Amanda. And I have now added her book with the same title ‘The Art of Asking’ to my Amazon wishlist!

It’s a really interesting take on the changes in the music industry enabled by social media and the changing world, amongst other things. Well worth a watch.

I’d love to hear your thoughts in the comments.

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