My CALM membership gives you everything you need to run a successful business whilst getting to do more of the stuff you want to do and less of the stuff you don't!

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Here are various ebooks, checklists & workbooks to enable you to use your POWER to Live More. For me, that's all about productivity, organisation, wellbeing, energy and resilience (POWER) and living more is all about getting to do more of what you want to do and less of what you don't!

5 Fundamentals Checklist

5 Fundamentals Checklist

Use this checklist to stop the overwhelm, get organised, get and stay healthy and improve your life

focus for better productivity

Increase your Focus for Better Productivity

Don't multi-task. Successful people have long realised that focus is the key to being productive.

simplify your life

Simplify your Life in Just 15 Minutes a Day

Here are my tips to Simplify your Life in Just 15 Minutes a Day to help you on your journey.

coaching business checklist

Quick Guide to Starting a Profitable Coaching Business

If you don't know where to start download this checklist and work through the 5 simple steps.

content upgrade checklist image

Content Upgrade Checklist

The types of content in this checklist always seem to work well when used as a list building freebie or content upgrade.

stress checklist

Stress Reduction Checklist

Use this handy checklist to identify your triggers for stress and ways to reduce their effects on you.

Growth Mindset

Growth Mindset vs Fixed Mindset Workbook

Identify where you have a growth mindset or a fixed mindset so you can make some changes!

Ebooklet: The Best Productivity Apps

5 smartphone apps to help you to be more productive and to make your life easier.

30 Days of Inspiration

Every so often I run one of these series. 30 days of blog posts with an accompanying email to introduce the learning point / inspiration. Once they've run once, I set them to be evergreen and you can access them all here!

best life
make a fresh start
burnout and fatigue
creating calm
30 days Find your Journalling Style

Are you Starting a Coaching or Consulting Business?

5 Simple Steps to Starting Your New Coaching Business

Are you starting a new business as a coach or consultant? This course is for you! I've taken everything I've learned in my 15 years of running my own coaching and consultancy business and put it into this online course. It takes you step by step through my 5 simple steps. And, as a bonus, you get access to my CALM membership site!

If you're looking for one off specific help...

I know sometimes you just have one big (or small!) problem that you need help with. You don't want ongoing support or learning or templates you can use - you just want that one thing fixed. You can book into my diary for a 60 minutes troubleshooting / strategy call.


I'm an AWeber Certified Expert and I've used the platform since 2008. If you're just getting started or getting more sophisticated, I can help! 

Click here to book the call.

Anything Else!

You might be stuck with your productivity, managing your to do list or your email inbox. You might need help with your WordPress website or email marketing or webinar stratgy, and the list goes on...

Request a call with me here.

POWER to Live More CALM Featured Courses

As you may already know, my membership site is POWER to Live More CALM. The L in CALM stands for Learning and here are some of the short courses that are included in the membership. As you can see, you can buy these individually but it is much better to invest in a membership to get access, which gives you access to all the other resources and membership benefits too.

7 Ways to Add More Subscribers

This course will guide you through the next four weeks taking small daily actions to ensure you are adding constantly subscribers to your list.

How to Create Laser Focus

Use these techniques to boost your productivity. You'll end up with a toolkit to use for dispelling distractions and fine-tuning your focus.

How to Start to Simplify Your Life

You have already started the process of simplifying your life and business by getting started here. In this course you will find learning and practical actions to start to make your life more simple.

Your Best 12 Months Ever

The only sure-fire way to make the next 12 months your best ever is to spend some time reviewing your wins, setting new goals, and planning your strategy for the coming months.

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