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2 Productivity and Time Management for Night Owls

Time Management for Night Owls

I’ve been reading a productivity book this week that is aimed at night owls.
Do you know if you’re an early bird or a night owl? I have known that I’m a night owl for a long, long time. Little Doddsy is too. I’ve always been grateful that she doesn’t wake up at 6am or some other unearthly hour. Having said that waiting for her to go to sleep in the evenings has always been a challenge, not to mention getting her up when she needs to be somewhere early (even getting her up for school is a challenge at times!). I can’t have it both ways I suppose!
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Amazing What You Can Do In Limited Time

limited time

I’m off to Exeter today to observe a training course that I’m hoping to be running in the not too distant future.
I had intended getting an earlier train so that I could combine dropping my daughter off at school with a lift from my husband but this morning I realised I had too much to do for that!
That’s where it’s handy to live next door to one’s in-laws!
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