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Organising Your Inbox

organising your inbox

In this age of ‘always on’ communication, your email inbox fills up quickly, doesn’t it?! And not always with emails that you actually need or want to read; there’s often too much spam and junk mail. It can be really distracting and can get in the way of being productive, especially if email is a major part of what you do. And often important messages end up getting lost amongst the junk. Read More

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2 Bring Out Your Boxes – A Memorabilia Organising Strategy for the Whole Family

memorabilia organising

I am the proud mother of three sons and while my “littlest baby” is 25 years old, some of the trinkets, gifts, and art projects they made growing up can still be found on my shelves.
In fact, what is not on my shelves is neatly preserved in several tote bins which are lovingly stored in the attic, closets, and garage of my home.
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