Working from Home

How to Have a Successful Business and Get to Live More

If you are considering joining POWER to Live More CALM, the first thing that happens is you have a 121 call with me so I can help you to plan out your first month’s membership before you make a decision to join.


Happiness and Wellbeing

Helping Your Family Avoid Overwhelm and Burnout (Day 21)

Under so much stress and with everyone being pulled in many different directions, overwhelm and burnout are likely to hit each person full-force – which affects the family as a whole.


POWER to Live More Podcasts

Laura Willis on Show #23: Buddhify, Happiness at Work, Dealing with the Digital ‘Always On’ Culture and Dealing with Stress

Laura Willis is unusual as a guest on the podcast as she absolutely doesn’t work from home – now! She has started a business borne out of feeling overwhelmed with her previous worklife working from home, all about switching off from digital, being more mindful and finding balance in life alongside all the digital distraction.Read More