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Action for Happiness Monthly Action Calendar

Action for Happiness monthly action calendar

Last year, one of my podcast guests recommended the Action for Happiness monthly action calendar.

They produce it each month based around a specific theme with a small related action to take each.

You can download it as a pdf or image and I’ve also seen, though not tried it, that there is a link on their website to enable you to download the daily actions directly into your calendar; how cool is that?!  And the have an app that sends you inspiring messages, a daily nudge ref the action and allows you to connect with like-minded people.

My guest suggested using it as a screensaver and ever since, each month I have a lovely new screensaver on my iPad Pro and it looks great! 

This month it’s ‘Optimistic October’.

Last month it was ‘Self-Care September’. And previous to that ‘Altruistic August’!

Check them out here and make a note in your diary to download a new one on the first of each month.

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