How Morning Routines Can Help Improve Wellbeing

How Morning Routines Can Help Improve Wellbeing

In the next in a series of guest blogs, we’re looking at morning routines and how they can help to improve wellbeing.

Mental health and well-being is a prominent issue in the modern workplace, with HR and management placing an increased focus on this. April marked National Stress Awareness Month and as such, we’ve taken a look into how simple changes to a morning routine can help individuals in their professional lives.

As part of the morning routines matter campaign by bathstore, they’ve teamed up with Ruth Kudzi, a life coach who specialises in helping aspiring entrepreneurs to build service-based businesses, by helping clients develop an effective mindset and strategy through coaching and mentoring. We’ve pulled together four of her top
tips below.

Morning routine tips to improve mental wellbeing


Meditation and mindfulness exercises are great tools to increase employee wellbeing, as it allows workers to switch off from the stresses of work. It clears the mind allowing workers to start the day with a fresh perspective and clear mind. The Euroffice site gives some useful tips around incorporating yoga in the workplace.

Planning your Day

Creating a plan in the morning will give your day purpose and clear goals to meet. Not only will it help with productivity but it will help manage your down time too, making sure to avoid burnout. Currently 12.5 million working days are lost due to work-related stress, depression or anxiety.

A well thought out plan will also help you prioritise tasks, making sure you never miss a deadline again!

Managers could help with this by running planning meetings first thing in the morning so that employees are given direction for the rest of the day or even week. Alternatively, offer training on time management and planning if you think a member of staff may benefit.

Morning routine tips to improve physical wellbeing

Drink water

This one seems obvious but, a glass of water as soon as you wake up really helps set you up for the day. It’s even said to be more effective than a cup of coffee.

Employers could inspire this further by placing drinking water fountains around the office, with easy access for workers, encouraging drinking not just in the morning but throughout the day too.


Exercise in the morning gets the blood flowing, preparing you for the day ahead. This gives a boost of energy and feelings of “awake-ness”. That doesn’t necessarily mean going for a 5km run every morning but, simply including a few stretches into your morning routine will help you feel the benefits.

It’s even thought that a workout can increase your mental clarity for 4-10 hours post exercise. So, workplace perks such as gym memberships and discounts, could actually encourage staff to add a short workout to their morning.

Acknowledging morning routines and how they impact the rest of your day is a real starting point for those wanting to become more successful. Just small changes like those mentioned above can have a real, positive effects on employee wellbeing. Making your business a better place to be.

Download and use this handy Stress Checklist to identify your triggers for stress and ways to reduce their effects on you.

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