Carole Railton on Show #112: Learning Business Body Language 

Carole Railton FRSA is a behaviourist who specialises in business body language and helps others become excellent communicators by learning about different personalities.

She has worked in 47 countries and has traveled to 100 to study the different cultures and behaviours of people around the world. Despite her dyslexia, Carole has written two books, including the best-selling The Future of Body Language. She also speaks with global companies such as IBM, Google London, and KPMG Singapore and has recently become an award-winning photographer. 

Carole joins me today to share the significance of knowing and understanding body language, especially in business dealings and meetings.

She discusses the difference in body language between men and women in the boardroom and how women can convey their authority through body language.

Carole also shares why processes are not her thing as well as the three things that keep her motivated each day to live more. 

“When we don’t use body language or can’t see body language, what happens is we get quite frustrated.”

Carole Railton 

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • The work she does with stockbrokers and investors 
  • Why she prefers to work at a coffee shop rather than at home 
  • Identifying what open behaviour is and how to do it 
  • What her book The Future of Body Language is about 
  • Her journey from being a computer programmer to a revolutionary behaviourist 
  • The one critical factor that the so-called body language experts did not take into account 
  • Why she chooses to be minimalistic in her ways and to start her day with gratitude 
  • How to change what you perceive as not okay into something okay 
  • Why she thinks body language should be taught in school 
  • How powerful the breath is in improving the body language 
  • How she prioritises and keeps track of her to-do list for the day 

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Connect, Share, Inspire 

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