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I define 'living more' as 'getting to do more of what you want to do and less of the stuff that you don't want to do' - and doing that whilst running your successful business!

I've been thinking hard about what you might want to know about me! 

I'm a Maven

Jo Dodds

A few years ago I read, in Malcolm Gladwell's book 'The Tipping Point', about the concept of being a maven and realised that fairly well describes me. I am always striving for improvements in my life through reading and research and I can't help but share what I find out along the way (and not always just when asked!). 

I'm a Natural Networker

...as I found out when I went to a school reunion a few years ago and I knew (in some shape or form) everyone there, able to have a fairly in-depth conversation with 50 people, amazing after such a long time! And that's how I started my first business - a local publishing business - networking all over Kent and building a strong network.

I once specialised in Social Media

The large network then helped me in starting a consulting business in the early days of social media when I 'took' that network online via Twitter and started helping other people to do that too.

I know my way around Websites & Online Marketing

In between those two business 'concepts' I also taught my customers how to set up their own WordPress websites (back in the day when local businesses didn't know how important a website was - imagine that!), as a result of reading how to do it in a book. I read it, set up my site (in the days when most if it was done 'behind the scenes' and was quite technical), thought...I can teach other people how to do this... and off I went, also developing that into online marketing coaching.

I'm also a Coach and Consultant

My background before that was in retail HR, part of the reason I ended up as an employee engagement consultant in recent years once I realised that social and digital tools would be extra relevant in the corporate world. I continue to operate in a small way as a consultant in the corporate space around employee engagement and leadership - so I know your challenges!

I live in Kent, near the Channel Tunnel

I've worked from home since 2005. I live in Hythe in Kent, UK - on a good day I can see France from my office window - with Simon and Little Doddsy, aka Ellie, born in 2006 (to save me having to remember to update her age!) and not so 'little' now she's taller than me, and my mother in law is next door!

family photo

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