Discover How to “Be Successful”as a Home Based Coach or Consultant Whilst Getting to“Live More”

None of us started our own business to work more and live less but that's often what happens! I can help you to switch those two concepts around.

why work with ME?

I work with you practically - showing you how and helping you to get all this stuff done

I'm Like You

I've been a home based coach and consultant since 2005. I wasn't always so great at the 'living more'; I can save you all that trial and error.


For years I taught online marketing and specialised in social media and I continue to coach that for other people - so I know my marketing stuff!

Home Business

I've worked from home since 2005 when I started my business just before Little Doddsy came along; I understand the challenges of working from home.

about ME

I use my experience to create yours

I started my original business (a local publishing business) in 2005. I wanted to leave my London based corporate job so I could have a baby - and so my business was born! At one stage I had 8 local magazines and was teaching my customers how to market their businesses, with said baby in tow! In 2011 I realised this wasn't sustainable...

...when I had a seizure in the night. In 2012 my Mum died suddenly and my late Father in Law was diagnosed with cancer - and I realised I needed to change how I ran my business to enable me to stay healthy and 'live more'. And after a few years of trial and error, I changed my business model and life and POWER to Live More was born.


Pragmatic, supportive, curious & positive

I help you get stuff done in your business and life with practical support and a 'can do attitude' (ie if I don't know how,  we find out!). The emphasis is on teaching you to do what you need to do - including how to automate or outsource the bits you don't want to do or aren't 'within your gift' as they say!

I do this via my POWER to Live More CALM membership site based around these section: Community, Accountability, Learning and Materials.


Check what people say about me

Jo is a valuable resource for any business or freelancer needing help with anything digital. She is so helpful and patient with quick problem solving capabilities. She helped me rebuild my website and problem solve a few other online issues. I would highly recommend her to anyone.

Penny Williams

Big Plan Group

Jo is full of great ideas, always promoting a wide range of thought provoking suggestions for better motivation and productivity. She is my speedy go to person for tech advice.

Katherine Bassey

executive coach

Jo is my first port of call for advice on optimising our website and using social media. She’s extremely knowledgeable and explains things in a way that any lay person can understand. I wouldn’t hesitate to recommend Jo to anyone who wants to increase their on-line presence and sales.

Kate Meredith

Box Clever Canvas

Lovely content

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