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How to Hold Yourself Accountable as a Home Based Consultant

Being a home based coach or consultant can be tough. Sometimes, It feels like you’re stuck in a rut and are struggling to hold yourself accountable. While it can be difficult not to feel down about the situation, it’s important to remember that home-based consulting takes patience, resilience, and dedication. If you’re struggling with successfully […]

Creating Accountability

How to Set and Reach Your Biggest Goals by Future Self Journalling

When you think of your future self, you may imagine someone that has it all. They may have the house, the car, the savings account, and the job you’ve always wanted.


Creating Accountability

Accountability and Why It Matters?

Accountability is about being held responsible for things that you do. If you look the definition up online, it says ‘the fact or condition of being accountable’, which doesn’t really help! If you then look up ‘accountable’ it says that’s when you’re required or expected to justify your actions or decisions. And it also mentions […]