Ashley Leeds on Show # 231: LinkedIn Zero to LinkedIn Hero 

Ashley Leeds is The 15-Minute Guy, a specialist LinkedIn trainer that helps people make the most of their corporate social network. Starting in hospitality, Ashley learned that excellent customer service is where the real value is in a business.

Moving into a successful sales career for over 30 years, he decided to start his own coaching company to help people focus on the right areas and make improvements where they are most needed.

Ashley helps people maximise their reach and gain clarity, purpose, and structure on LinkedIn with his training programme.

Today, Ashley shares his story from working as a chef to sales and finally starting his coaching practice.

He reveals how he developed his LinkedIn programme and how you can make the most of your time on the platform.

He shares how he now structures his day and prioritises his time to get everything done.

Ashley reveals how music became an essential part of his life during the lockdown and how starting his own business helped him take control of his time.

He also shares what he does to continue his self-development journey and the top tools and apps that keep him organised.

“When you start working with people, talking with people with similar values, that’s what’s lovely about LinkedIn.”

Ashley Leeds

This week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • Ashley’s journey from sales to starting his own coaching business
  • How Ashley developed his 15-minute programme for LinkedIn
  • How you can structure your time to make the most of LinkedIn
  • What a typical working day looks like for Ashley
  • How music has become an essential part of Ashley’s life since lockdown
  • How Ashley plans his work week and prioritises his time
  • Why learning to say ‘no’ is an integral part of managing your time
  • Tools and apps that Ashley uses to manage his business
  • How Ashley continues to learn and work on self-development
  • What Ashley does on the days he gets to live more

Resources Mentioned:

Connect with Ashley Leeds:

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