The Can Do Way – Coffee Chat with Gail Gibson 

This is a recent podcast interview I did with Gail Gibson, who was recommended to me by the lovely Wendy Kier.

I transcribed the interview so that I can let you know what we talked about!

I started by introducing myself and explaining what I do and how I came to be doing it. I went on to talk about my seizure in 2011, which was the main catalyst for me setting up POWER to Live More.

We talked about what skills you need to run a business and went on to talk about my strengths, as defined by the Gallup / Clifton Strengths Finder, which in turn prompted a discussion about intraversion vs extraversion.

We talked a fair bit about the power of networking and how that can help you to grow your business. I shared a couple of stories about networking at school and the first time I introduced myself at a networking event as anything other than an HR Director…it was a bit daunting!

We mentioned some of my favourite books:

Gail asked me to share a case study from one of my members as to how POWER to Live More has helped. We talked about my first ever member who wanted to start a podcast – and now has a very successful podcast – which ended up taking up so much of her time that late last year we had to spend some of our mastermind time working out how to simplify her processes to give her more time to do other stuff!

We then spent some time talking about the concept of simplifying and how the pandemic has affected people. I think people are getting much clearer on what they want to do to ‘live more’ and are taking action accordingly.

Towards the end, Gail asked me for my three ‘Can Do’ tips. I went with a theme and gave her:

  • Start with a ‘how hard can it be’ attitude
  • There is always a solution – just keep looking for it
  • Become a ‘super Googler’ – you can learn to do anything!

And, to finish, Gail asked why a ‘Can Do’ attitude is so important. After giving a few reasons I finished with musing ‘why would you want a can’t do’ attitude?!

Here’s the podcast

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