Business Diaries Podcast Interview 

Recently, I was interviewed by the lovely Lisa Settle and equally lovely Islay O’Hara on their new Business Diaries podcast.

The Business Diaries is a brilliant event that’s held quarterly in two venues in Kent.

I was a speaker at one of the early events. It was really enjoyable though a bit of a stretch for me. I speak all the time and it doesn’t usually phase me, but this did for all the reasons I share on the podcast!

The theme for the event was ‘Embracing Change’

We discussed: 

  • How a dramatic change in my father’s business affected us all as a family 
  • What I learned from the experience and still carry with me today
  • Some of my favourite apps 

I was excited to be able to retell my story and talk it through with Lisa and Islay who were great hosts. You can listen below.

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