Chetna Bhatt on Show #76: Understanding Stress to Improve Performance

Chetna Bhatt on Show #76: Understanding Stress to Improve Performance

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Chetna Bhatt is a part-time in-house employment lawyer, speaker, executive coach, and the co-founder and CEO of Being Lawyers.

Being Lawyers is a coaching company specifically designed to help lawyers enhance their performance by increasing their mental clarity and improving their wellbeing.

She strongly believes that for lawyers to reach their greatest potential and achieve the next level of success in their careers, the secret lies in establishing a solid foundation in their emotional and mental wellbeing.

Chetna joins me today to share her journey of overcoming a chronic illness and how it led to the development of her executive coaching career. She shares how stress impacts your performance and ability to be present, engaged, and creative and how identifying and addressing the “invisible variables” that increase stress can help you manage it more effectively.

She also shares strategies she uses to relax her mind to enable her to focus on achieving her goals, why she believes sleep and exercise play a significant role in her ability to stay productive as well as the “non-negotiable” self-care activities she enjoys to help her stay healthy and increase her productivity.

 This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • How stress impacted her professional performance and ultimately led to her chronic illness diagnosis.
  • Identifying and addressing “invisible variables” to effectively understand and manage stress.
  • How understanding her stress and focusing on her wellbeing enabled her to be more present, engaged, creative, and productive.
  • How she finds work-life balance while working part-time and building a business.
  • How she manages and prioritises her daily tasks and to-do lists.
  • Strategies she uses to calm her mind so she can focus on achieving her goals.
  • Her perspective on procrastination.
  • Challenges she faces with delegating tasks and hiring a team.
  • The importance of getting plenty of sleep and exercise.
  • The “non-negotiable” self-care activities that help her stay healthy and productive.
  • Activities she enjoys to help her relax and unwind.
  • The importance of working with a coach or mentor for personal growth.
  • Strategies she uses to learn and improve her skills.
  • How she manages setbacks in her personal and professional life.
  • What “living more” means for her.


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