Wendy Kier on Show #227: The Trauma Recovery Method 

Wendy Kier is a former Business Coach, Author, and creator of The Trauma Recovery Method (TRM).

Following a successful career coaching female entrepreneurs, coaches and consultants, Wendy wanted to help others differently. While working on her recovery from a traumatic early life in the UK care system, she created the Trauma Recovery Method.

Wendy works with people to break the trauma cycle and create a more loving and compassionate relationship with themselves and others.

Today, Wendy shares why she chose to transition from business coaching to helping women overcome trauma.

She reveals how she handles reliving her trauma while writing her book and how that inspired her to create The Trauma Recovery Method.

Wendy highlights the importance of self-coaching when healing from traumatic experiences and how journalling is also part of the recovery method.

She reveals how past trauma can manifest in our lives and why she has become more conscious of her health.

Wendy also shares the routines and rituals that help her each day and how she structures her time to get everything done.

“The brain is very clever. It will try its hardest to keep you safe, and actually all it’s doing is locking you in the past.”

Wendy Kier

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • Why Wendy chose to start her Women Trauma Recovery practice
  • How Wendy deals with reliving her trauma as part of writing her book
  • How Wendy developed the Trauma Recovery Method programme
  • Why self-coaching is an essential element of the programme
  • How journalling plays a vital role in this methodology
  • How trauma from the past manifests in daily life
  • The process Wendy is using to write her book
  • How Wendy structures her time to ensure everything gets done
  • Why Wendy has become more conscious about her health
  • Wendy’s routines and rituals
  • What Wendy does when the day doesn’t go as planned

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