Liz Loly on Show #121: How to Develop the Can-Do Mentality and Growth Mindset

Liz Loly

With a background in teaching, Liz Loly is a freelance Communications and Education Consultant who loves the work she does – combining communicating and teaching.

A big part of Liz’s work revolves around dyslexia, something she is passionate about on a personal and professional level.

Liz feels fortunate to able to choose the people and projects she wants to work with. These are people who often share the same values as hers and who choose to help others over acquiring massive profits.  

Liz joins me today to share how she developed the growth mindset that positively impacts her clients, her family, even herself.

She dives into what helps with her mental wellbeing and allows her to have some downtime. Liz also shares how her self-growth practices hit two birds with one stone and the three elements that make up a well-balanced day. 

“If they can’t do something, it’s just that they can’t do it yet. It’s not impossible” 

Liz Loly

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • The power Liz discovered that freelancers have. 
  • Her view of the growth mindset and how her personal circumstances influenced her belief. 
  • How she handles phone calls from different timezones. 
  • What Liz does to make sure she remembers the tasks she needs to accomplish. 
  • What she is reliant on to keep her day organised. 
  • How she switched from personal to professional use of social media. 
  • The shift that happened between having a support system versus working alone. 
  • The key to her physical wellbeing. 
  • Why seeing her name on a book shook her up. 
  • What helped Liz overcome unresolved issues from her past. 
  • Reading as a relaxation versus ‘work’. 
  • How she changed her ‘crying-and-procrastinating’ approach to deal with a bad day. 

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