Louie La Vella: Building Doors of Opportunities 

Louie La Vella is a marketing expert in the music and nightlife space. He consults with festivals, club venues, and live event venues and also works with record labels, musicians, and their teams as he directs their marketing strategies and builds their brand.

Louie joins me today as he talks about life as an entrepreneur: how much he enjoys working from home, the relationship between working hours and levels of creativity, and why he prefers work-life integration over work-life balance. He also shares how he builds doors of opportunities if there are no open doors as well as his views on learning, working, and vacationing as he makes his travels a fun part of his family’s homeschooling journey.

“Being an entrepreneur, we can thrive at our best time.” – Louie La Vella

First released 9 Oct 2017

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • How Louie designed his home office to set the ambience and complement his tasks
  • Why he calls himself a “night hawk”
  • Louie’s morning habits with the family before he starts working on the business
  • Advantages of being an entrepreneur and setting your own hours
  • Relationship between body clock, creativity, and productivity
  • Why there are different “best times to post” on Facebook
  • How he keeps himself organised
  • Louie’s top three marketing tools
  • How he repurposes one idea to create various content
  • His means of relaxation while continually learning at the same time
  • Healthy lifestyle choices concerning food
  • His “creating something out of nothing” principle as a means to cope when things are going wrong
  • Why travelling is fulfilling and a great bonus as an entrepreneur

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