Mary Lunnen: Listening to Our Inner Selves 

Mary Lunnen established Dare to Blossom Life Coaching, through which she supports people from all walks of life worldwide in living their lives to the fullest, all thanks to today’s communications technology.

She has been recognised for her efforts as an inspirational coach, which includes being nominated for, and reaching the final three out of fifty four women, the Venus Awards Devon and Cornwall region.  

Mary joins me today to discuss her journey as a life coach. She shares her experiences as a self-employed, work-from-home entrepreneur, and provides insights on why she has chosen this path.

She explains her motivation for doing what she does and shares her thoughts on the proper way to engage in life coaching. She discusses the difference between coaching and counselling, the significance of good chemistry between life coaches and clients, and how an introverted spirit can survive as a life coach.

She also shares the news of her recent nomination at what some people in the UK call the “Working Women’s Oscars.” 

“It’s just that life is so busy and so noisy all around us, all the time… we can’t hear ourselves think.”

Mary Lunnen 

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast: 

  • All about Mary: her person, her career, and her mission. 
  • Her experiences in working from home and self-employment. 
  • Why she decided to become a life coach. 
  • Life-changing news that made her reevaluate her life. 
  • How to properly do life coaching, from her perspective. 
  • How all the noise around us stops us from listening to what’s inside us. 
  • Planning, problem-solving, and the colourful props Mary uses during coaching. 
  • The boundary between coaching and counselling, and why they work well alongside each other. 
  • The importance of chemistry in life coaching. 
  • How Mary manages to balance working in an isolated place and working with people. 
  • How she was nominated, and reached the final three, in the prestigious Lifetime Achievement Award at the Venus Women Awards
  • Her preferred tool for working remotely. 
  • Why and how she works with other coaches. 
  • What she does on days when things go horribly wrong. 
  • Her idea of a day where she gets to “live more.” 

Resources Mentioned: 

Connect with Mary Lunnen: 

Connect, Share, Inspire 

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