Megan Clarke on Show #140: Driving Organic Web Traffic 

Megan Clarke is the owner and founder of Clapping Dog Media where she puts her expertise in the world of SEO to work to ensure her clients get found by Google and get their message out there to the world.

She is a master at growing organic traffic to websites and – using the data and her years of experience – Megan increases her clients’ digital presence and turns website visitors into mega-fans.

Megan loves to teach entrepreneurs how to implement SEO strategies to maximise traffic to their site that converts visitors into buyers and how to build an authentic community around their service.  

Megan joins me today to discuss why she left her creative job as a web designer to become a solopreneur.

She shares how her business pivoted as she became fascinated by the world of SEO and how Google algorithms affect website traffic. She shares the technicalities of how Google crawls your site, gives actionable tips on how to to be found by Google, and shares apps that can help you be SEO smart.

Megan also discusses the importance of creating scannable content that is authentic and valuable to customers and why you need to be consistent in getting your content out there.

“If you are honest, if you are authentic, if you do what you say, users will come to your site”

Megan Clarke

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • Why Megan works from home and how she balances her family responsibilities and her work
  • Why she loves diving into SEO and learning how Google evolves its searches 
  • How to nail down your niche, then embrace it
  • Why you need to produce content that your fans can binge on
  • Megan’s unique policy on responding to algorithm updates
  • Megan’s hacks for getting valuable guest posts
  • The significance of building links on your site to establish credibility
  • Why Megan recommends repurposing and reorganising your content to pull in more traffic
  • Megan’s strategies for optimising her productivity
  • How to set up internal and external accountability processes
  • Why Megan relaxes her pace in the fourth quarter
  • How Megan relies on grace and acceptance to get through hard days.
  • Why baking bread is part of her ‘living more’ philosophy

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Connect with Megan Clarke:

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