Nancy McKay on Show #134: What to Do When Adversity Rocks Your World 

Nancy McKay, the founder of Amazing Outlook Coaching, is a Certified Life Coach who helps women overcome significant life challenges from her home office in Lakewood, Colorado.

Nancy’s personal experiences of becoming sober and battling ovarian cancer help her support women through issues that have rocked their world.

She is a certified Wayfinder Life Coach and a Mind-Body-Eating Coach and is working toward becoming an Equus Coach so that she can provide her clients with multiple resources for healing and growth. Nancy also serves as Vice President on the Board of Directors for the Colorado Ovarian Cancer Alliance.

Nancy joins me today to discuss how coaching can help women who are at a difficult point in their lives and outlines her process as a coach to allow them to transition and heal.

She shares how important kindness and collaboration are to her. She shares why she recommends women to create a supportive business network and be brave enough to seek help when they face problems.

She also shares her insights on outsourcing business tasks, her love of horses, and their unique way of helping her learn and develop. 

“The thoughts that you have drive everything. If you have negative thoughts, it’s going to have a negative impact. If you think positively and collaboratively, then you’ll have a positive experience”

Nancy McKay

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • How her perspective on life changed when she was diagnosed with ovarian cancer
  • Why she decided to make the switch from corporate employee to solopreneur
  • Why she believes it’s critical to seek out networking and mentorship experiences as an entrepreneur
  • How she brings her own challenges into the coaching process and how her approach allows clients to hold space to find answers
  • What sparked her interest in Equus Coaching, and what horses add to the process of learning about yourself
  • How her day looks when she’s working and which apps she loves to keep her mobile yet still available for her clients
  • The importance of outsourcing tasks that don’t bring you joy
  • Recognising the importance of investing in your company even when you’re just starting out. 
  • How she deals with days when it all goes wrong

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