Sarah-Anne Lucas aka Bird on Show #41: Creating an Effective, Structured Routine 

Sarah-Ann Lucas, also known as Bird by her friends, is a writer, speaker, coach, and entrepreneur who owns Bird on a Bike. Her business is about helping busy successful women cope with the stress of doing it all.

Bird joins me today to talk about how women can be their children’s inspiration while building the body of their business and the foundation of who they are.

She has three, now grown up, children and believes in the power of having an effective, structured routine. Her morning focus is on doing things that create energy, so she can have a successful, abundant day.

She also believes in having a transitional workspace instead of building her business around an office. She shares her writing process and her work helping women build the body of their business.

“Producing an abundance of energy from my body becomes my foundation and my performance comes from that.” – Bird (Sarah-Anne Lucas)

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • How having an effective routine helps Bird run her business and care for herself and her family
  • How she focuses on doing specific things to produce energy
  • Journaling and asking, “what do I believe” when writing
  • Building the body of your business by putting greatness into your body
  • How Bird is fascinated by the pattern of people’s behaviour
  • The way she takes time to meditate, which helps her be mindful
  • Performing at the peak of body, mind and relationships instead of being “busy”
  • The purpose behind her radio show
  • Coming from a place of truth with an intention of love and respect

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