Sigrun on Show #77: Turning Your Passion into Profits Through Determination, Automation, and Delegation 

Sigrun is a mastermind business coach, lifestyle entrepreneur, business strategist, and the creator of SOMBA, the only 12-month online MBA programme designed to help service-based entrepreneurs develop the framework to build successful and profitable online businesses.

She is a TEDx speaker, the host of The Sigrun Show, and has been featured by numerous media publications such as Goldman Sachs. She has helped countless women around the world turn their passion into profits and build the lifestyle business of their dreams.

Today, Sigrun shares her journey into online entrepreneurship and how she pivoted her career from working in the corporate world as the CEO of a software company to becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur.

She explains why she’s so passionate about women following their dreams and how she helps her clients turn their passion into profits by building profitable online businesses. She explains how she finds work-life balance while running a successful 7-figure business and how automation and delegation have helped her turn her dreams into a reality.

She also shares why she believes the key to building a successful business is by paying attention to your body’s needs, getting enough sleep, and realising you can’t do everything yourself.

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • The childhood experience that impacted her decision to always follow her dreams.
  • Why she pivoted her career from working in the corporate world to becoming a lifestyle entrepreneur.
  • The importance of staying patient and “paying your dues” when building your business.
  • How she structures her calendar to maximise her time and increase productivity.
  • How she finds work-life balance.
  • Strategies she uses to relax and unwind.
  • The importance of listening to your body and taking breaks.
  • The benefits of batch scheduling.
  • Strategies she uses to prioritise her daily tasks and manage distractions.
  • Maximising your time through automation tools.
  • Strategies she uses to stay healthy and fit.
  • The importance of getting enough sleep.
  • How she prioritises personal and professional development.
  • How hiring experts and delegating tasks have impacted her productivity and wellness.
  • How “looking on the bright side” and staying positive helps her cope with challenges and setbacks.
  • Her vision of living more.

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