Steve Jones on Show #123: How Viral Movements Effect Business Growth

Steve Jones on Show #123: How Viral Movements Effect Business Growth

Steve Jones

Steve Jones is a specialist business coach who focuses on helping clients understand the power of creating viral movements.

He has a varied professional background, which includes lecturing, training and helping to develop businesses and charities, all interests which led him to complete an MA in Leadership and Development and continue on to a doctoral programme in the same area.

In his downtime, Steve likes to keep active and has recently completed an Ironman Triathlon.

Steve joins me today to discuss the power of positivity and how his motivation to have a beneficial effect on the world around him led him to provide business coaching with a difference.

He dives into the details of how viral movements develop and grow via ‘organic chaos’ and his role in guiding the process. He also discusses his methods for organising and prioritising his workload and shares the resources which help him.

“It’s our job as movement leaders to see the chaos, see the growth, see the organic thing happening but also bring in a touch of order”

Steve Jones

This Week on the Power to Live More Podcast:

What it means to ‘stir up movement’ in your organisation
How the process of organic chaos leads to long term success
Why his coaching process helps leaders set up healthy personal habits as well as nurturing business goals
The importance of self-knowledge and personal reflection
Steve’s tips for productivity
Why automation is the key to kickstarting movements and why home-based coaches need them
Why he subscribes to the’ Big Hairy Audacious Goal’ theory
How creating a vacuum in your knowledge can push you to learn and develop
Why it’s essential to be gracious to yourself when you don’t succeed

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