Terry Pearce: Blending Scheduling and Spontaneity 

Terry Pearce is a Learning Design Specialist and the founder of 360 Learning Design,and now untoldplay.

His company originally specialised in creating bespoke training, tailored workshops, and other learning materials for companies of all shapes and sizes. Terry enjoyed delivering the training he designed for clients and has been featured as a development expert on Virgin’s Voom Pioneers. Now, through untoldplay, he gives trainers and learning designers the tools to create learning experiences people are still talking about weeks later.

Today, Terry shares how being a visual person dictates the tools he uses to stay organised and keep track of his projects and schedule. He describes how he structures his day around when he has the most energy and focus so he can take advantage of the times when he is the most productive.

He also emphasises the importance of learning to work with your natural flow by taking breaks when you need them or learning how to block out distractions that will make your mind wander.

“You have to understand your style and what works well for you and try and swim with it rather than against it.” – Terry Pearce

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast

  • How he became a Learning Design Specialist
  • How he differentiates between his “working-from-home mode” and his “delivery mode.”
  • Why trying to achieve work/life balance sometimes held him back from following his creativity.
  • How he let go of working 9 to 5 and became more flexible with his work hours.
  • Using “slack time” more productively.
  • Striking a balance between scheduling and spontaneity.
  • Intuitively choosing what to work on next.
  • How he uses a combination of his whiteboard and various apps to organise and plan.
  • What he considers to be “unknown unknowns” and why they can be valuable.
  • The importance of asking for advice and help from colleagues.
  • How he practices self-care and relaxation.
  • How he lets his energy throughout the day guide what he works on and when.
  • The importance of taking breaks during times of deep work.
  • How he avoids distractions in the morning to keep his mind focused on his priorities.
  • The equation he references to help him keep bad days in perspective.
  • How managing his emotional state helps him cope when things go wrong.
  • Why he has several versions of what a day he has lived more looks like

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