Online Marketing Setup and Coaching Package

This programme is my most comprehensive and includes an element of ‘done for you’. It’s designed to help you to get your online marketing and business processes up and running quickly, with the shortest learning curve (as I do the setup for you and then I coach you through what to do with it!).

As you won’t be surprised to hear from the title, it also includes the most access to me so this works really well for start ups, albeit we must agree that you have a proven business model before we go ahead and start with your set up. It’s also great for not so new coaches and consultants who haven’t really got set up properly and are struggling with their productivity and digital stuff.

Inbound Marketing

I offer a holistic online marketing package that will get you online quickly and, most importantly, effectively. Often people get a website designed without really understanding what’s required and as a result they end up with a website that may look great but often doesn’t work for them. And by ‘doesn’t work for them’ I mean doesn’t attract traffic and doesn’t convert that traffic into leads and ultimately into customers for the business.

My focus is on getting you online using inbound marketing – setting up your digital presense so your potential customers can find you.

So, you get a website that is optimised for your keywords, with the opportunity to add fresh content to it on a regular basis through blogging. I set up your social media and I also integrate email marketing into your strategy, creating a landing page for you to start (or continue!) building your list as well as providing a way to sell your services.


My philosophy around running a coaching or consulting business is to ensure that it’s set up to enable you to ‘live more’ too, and that’s where I say you get to do more of what you want and less of what you don’t! It’s vital to set your business up to suit you as well as your clients; all too often we start a business to get freedom and choice and end up working more often and harder than before.

My 5 Fundamentals of Self Care, Simplify, Systemise, Share and Sustain will help you to create the business and life that you want.

Direct Access to Me

All of this is driven and supported by online mentoring and 121 coaching from me. Your digital marketing and your business will only work if you actively ‘work it’. A website is not a marketing strategy, it is a tool that helps you to achieve your strategy.

Once we have your online marketing tools set up and working, we will work together to use those tools to best effect. You get direct access to me via online meetings, email and Slack.

My VIP Programme includes the following:

• Initial 1 x Hour Strategy Session
• WordPress Blog Website – including theme customisation, search engine optimisation, integration with social media
• Social Media Set Up – up to 3 platforms, setup done for you
• Email Marketing Set Up – using AWeber, including adding your landing page, setting up 10 autoresponders and setting up your buy now functionality (integrated with Stripe)
• Platinum Access to my membership site ‘POWER to Live More CALM’
• 12 x 1 Hour Online Meetings with screenshare and practical coaching
• Ad-hoc asynchronous coaching via Slack


£4997 (inc. VAT)

Payment Options: 3 x payments of £1697 or 1 x payment of £2697 plus 5 x £497 – there may be other options on discussion

The above excludes purchase of your domain and hosting (approx. £90 for the year) – I like to leave that with you so that you can ‘take it away’ any time you like; no being held hostage by me!

There is an additional cost for you direct for AWeber (free initially and then £19 approx. a month depending on numbers on your email list).


This varies for each project – we can work as quickly or as slowly as you want – the ultimate timescale usually depends on the time that you have available to work on your content.

Complimentary Strategy Session

In order for us to decide whether coaching and mentoring with me is a good fit for you, your business and for me and my business I offer a complimentary 60 minute strategy session.

There is no obligation following this session to  work with me and you will get value and practical ideas to take away, in any event.

There is an application process to apply for a strategy session where I get you to complete a questionnaire about your business to give me some more background before we speak, and to ensure that we don’t waste valuable time in your strategy session going over the basics and background of your business. You can make your application here.

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