If you're looking for a speaker on productivity, wellbeing or employee engagement (or a combination of all three!) aimed at business owners and/or business leaders, then look no further.

I love nothing more than passing on my knowledge and bringing understanding and insight to my audience. 

I'm comfortable speaking to large audiences and using my facilitation skills to even more closely engage a small audience. And I love chairing conferences that rely on my ability to think quickly and respond insightfully 'in the moment'.

Please do get in touch if you have an event that you would like me to consider. It would be useful when you send the information using the form below to let me know the following:

  • Something about who the attendees are and their needs
  • A rough idea of the numbers that you are expecting
  • who you / your organisation are
  • what the format of the event is
  • the date and time (if you have that confirmed!)
  • the venue
  • a suggested title for the talk - if you have one in mind

Don't worry if you don't have all of the above info at the moment, please do still send the contact form! I'll get back to you as soon as I can.

Geographically I am based in South East England but I am prepared to travel UK wide or even internationally depending on the speaking opportunity. And of course teleseminars and webinars are good too!


anna chapman

Anna Chapman

Organisation Development Consultant, BCU

Jo was recently a keynote speaker at Birmingham City University's first Leadership Conference. The theme was Transformational Leadership through Staff and Student Engagement and Jo gave an expert speech on engagement, focussing on the four pillars. Jo contributed considerably to our conference with her thought leadership and received great feedback from delegates. Our Leadership Conference was described as 'ground breaking' for the University and it will now become an annual event. It was a real pleasure to work with Jo.

jo moffatt

Jo Moffatt

Managing Director, Woodreed

Jo did a great job for us facilitating a series of team leader and manager workshops we delivered for Volkswagen Financial Services. With the objective of raising awareness among managers of the impact of their own behaviour on the engagement and performance of their teams, Jo really brought the topic to life with a great mix of theory and practical insights from her own broad business experience. And of course her whistle kept us all on track!

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