Ali Godding on Show #42: Separating Work-Life from Home-Life 

 December 10, 2017

By  Jo Dodds

Ali Godding is a business owner, Founder and Creator of The Career Leap. After a year of selling someone else’s programme, Ali decided to create her own product. She based it on an online model for both delivery and marketing, and she uses webinars to share her three steps to accelerate your career.

Ali joins me today to share how having a home office for work helps create a separation between work time and non-work time. She talks about the importance of her family and her morning routine and her methods for coping with energy management, relaxation, meditation, and long-term illness as well as her tips for getting work done and keeping motivated.

This Week on the POWER to Live More Podcast:

  • Her end-of-day routine
  • Distractions and having a “bright shiny objects” file
  • The joy and usefulness of having a nice paper planner
  • How Ali tries to maintain balance and uses juicing to maintain weight
  • She is practicing Qi Gong which is a cross between exercise and energy work
  • What a “career angel” is and how it helps keep her motivated and willing to keep going
  • Her product pricing strategy to encourage users to take action
  • Consuming information that creates positive energy

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Jo Dodds

Creator of POWER to Live More CALM, a online membership resource for home based coaches and consultants to help them to be successful whilst getting to ‘live more’.

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