Ben Dell on Show #73: Immovable Commitments 

Ben Dell is the founder and CEO of Missinglettr, a UK-based marketing automation tool that helps users easily create social media campaigns for their blog posts.

Prior to forming this company, he owned a web agency and launched numerous SaaS startups, several of which have been acquired. He is passionate about empowering entrepreneurs and brands to achieve their goals and succeed in their industry.

Today, Ben describes how a career change and new business idea have allowed him to start working from home. We discuss the pros and cons of working from home and the strategies he uses to integrate his work and personal life.

He also shares the productivity and project management tools he prefers and how important learning is in his daily life and the many forms that can take.

This Week on The Power to Live More Podcast:

  • The problem his SaaS company solves
  • How he is transitioning to working from home
  • Why you need to know what your immovable commitments are
  • How he tackles his daily to-do lists
  • How he balances packing a lot into his day and not being hard on himself if it doesn’t all get done
  • The tools he uses for project management and tracking his business data
  • The ‘phases of obsession’ he goes through while making sure that daily learning is a part of his life
  • Why he lets his interest guide his personal and professional development
  • How the free online summit his company is hosting, Uppercase, has evolved from his initial idea
  • What his day of ‘living more’ looks like

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