Dan Murray on Show #128: Productivity, Leadership, and Brain Health 

Dan Murray is a serial entrepreneur currently running his third successful business with a small team in the West End of London.

His current business, Heights, is a human potential company where he works closely with dieticians, nutritionists, and psychologists to create the ultimate holistic brain-care brand.

He is also the host and co-founder of the popular podcast, the Secret Leaders Club, which has featured founders and CEOs of international brands over three series. 

Today Dan shares how his personal struggle with insomnia led to his research into brain health and why he was inspired to set up his current enterprise.

We discuss how he manages his workload and promotes healthy habits in his daily life by combining bursts of productivity with protected downtime.

We also dive into the details of leadership philosophy, from the ‘inspirational leader’ model to the ‘servant leader’ model, and why he has changed his leadership technique with his current business.

“The brain – is a complex machine that needs feeding”

Dan Murray

Today on the Power to Live More Podcast:

  • How Dan’s business turns scientific journals into ‘snackable’ newsletters
  • How he built a great team to explore brain health and how to improve it
  • Why daily exercise is vital to his routine
  • What Dan does to recharge in his downtime
  • The tools he uses to manage his tasks
  • What he sees as the most crucial factor when working with others
  • How he keeps up with current research in his area of interest
  • Why he loves podcasts
  • What he does on days when it all goes wrong

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Connect with Dan Murray:

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